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EU player looking for active, serious EU clan

Discussion in 'IncGamers' Clan and In-Game Community Channel' started by Nikke177, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Nikke177

    Nikke177 IncGamers Member

    Apr 8, 2015
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    Hello fellow nephalem.

    Since S3 is right around the corner, I'm looking for a new clan. My last clan turned into a clan filled with "locked" groups where the same players were only playing with each other, so it was hard to find a group to play with.

    I'm looking for an active clan with preferably +100 members where people are friendly and pushing for higher grifts, but in general are doing all kinds of stuff as I like variety.

    After S2 ended I'm paragon lvl 706 atm, and have been able to push for top 300 on the WD solo leaderboard in S2.

    My main character is WD, and then DH and Crusader, so that's the characters I have most knowledge about, where WD is the character I know most about as I have spend over 1000 hours on different WD characters since the start of D3.

    Maybe I'm a bit offensive by wanting some requirements for a new clan, but I would like to get into a new clan with some good, friendly players who knows what they're doing and has a desire for competing somehow on the leaderboards.

    Do you have the clan for me who meets the requirements? If so, contact me ingame by adding Nikke177#2180 and let's have a quick chat [​IMG] If needed, I can provide a SS of my previous ranking on my WD in S2. Also, here's a link to my profile:

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