[EU] Looking for old D3 gems for the "Craft Radiant Stars" achievement


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Hi guys! Been a while :)

I'm looking for the following gems:

  • 1x Star Amethyst (or higher, I need at least a Star to craft up)
  • 2x Flawless Star Topas (or higher)

I can trade with whatever is left to trade: Brimstones, old gems of other colors / sizes, RoS white crafting stuff, ... or whatever else you guys may need.

In case you want to contact me ingame: Furyan#2153 ;)


EDIT: I managed to find the Amethyst, so I only lack the 2x Flawless Star Topaz now :) Would be glad to help people out with the rest of my set as well!
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All right, got all the gems I needed elsewhere, so this post may be closed. Cheers!