Ethereal Eternity Berserker Axe ?


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Ethereal Eternity Berserker Axe ?

hello all... first and foremost I did search before posting.

I found an ethereal berserker axe. I know people go crazy for ethereal BotD berserker axes, so I socketed it. Unfortunately, it came out with 5 sockets. I looked over the non ladder runewords and saw that there wasnt anything 5 socket that repaired itself, but there was one that was indestructible... eternity. I m currently running a non ethereal tomb reaver with 2 shaels for my fury druid, has anyone tested with an eth eternity berserker axe ? The idea of ubering with an army of Udar revives seems plausible. I m looking for opinions or actual first hand experience with a fury druid using eth eternity zerker axe. thnx in advance.
well first of all an eth 5soc zerk is worth alot b/c its so rare, secondly you could make death in it and it is very sellable if you want to sell it.