Ethereal Bonehew or Tomb Reaver?


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I didn't expect this to be that much of a brain teaser but I have to kindly ask for an advice. Please keep in mind that I'm just deciding between these two. Oh and it's singleplayer too.

I'd like to replace the eth Bonehew on my Merc (who has Andariel's visage with Ral rune socketed and Shaftstop) with Tomb Reaver. Bonehew does 157-813 dmg with Shael and Amn socketed. The Tomb Reaver has 2 empty sockets right now and does 116-531 dmg.

Normally this decision would be a no-bariner for me especially given the fact that my merc was dying a lot in Arcane Sanctuary from concentrated firewalls. He has 49 resist all (TR has +50 resist all mod this would actually free up a socket on the Andariel's Visage). However the damage lost is a bigger deal than I expected - from 664-2733 to 536-1853.

Is it worth replacing? Truth is that as a bonemancer I do need the damage a lot. Didn't anticipate so many magic resistant monsters to be honest and on /players 8 a 2700 dmg bonespear is quite poor.