Eth Sup 4os Gothic Plate


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Is it worth making into a merc armor? I'm playing solo self found right now, never found one before.

234 Defense
15% ED
14% Durability (LOL)

I feel like panthlam could use it but what do I make until I can find/make better?


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This is an armor for low-level characters. At that time, I think a merc is better off with Sigon's armor plus helm which gives him 10% life leech and an AR bonus. Apart from that, if you find an ethereal, non-superior one, you could try to get 4 sockets with the cube recipe and receive the etherealness bonus twice.


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Thanks, new to SP and all this jazz.. I also haven't played D2 seriously in like 4 years so I forget a lot of stuff, thanks! :)