eth lacerator for bvc


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eth lacerator for bvc

would this be useful on the same lines of widow maker? it seems like itd be awesome vs smiters.

+(150-210)% Enhanced Damage
30% Increased Attack Speed
Hit Causes Monster To Flee[64]
Prevent Monster Heal
33% Chance of Open Wounds
33% Chance To Cast Level 3 Amplify Damage On Striking
Replenishes Quantity[25]


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Now entirely sure if open wounds are useful or not, but throwing weapons still requires AR, where widow maker's guided arrow is not.


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Has anyone tried grief + lancelater vs windy for example, as a melee weapon throwing weapons should use axe mastery therefore the ar problem is easily overcome. Eth lancelator has base speed on -10 and 30 ias on weapon making it a suitable ww weapon.


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Yeah... unless you planned to have a bow on your primary switch, and switch to Lac/GriefZ after shooting GA, heh...


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It is a decent ww weapon as it hits last bp and gives OW and also gets dmg bonus from both dex and str. It has two big cons: range 1 and mediocre dmg. But it's rather fun having it in mainhand allowing it to be thrown aswell, although it rarely hits the times it does and kills a 1hp char or cast amp before the fight even started it's all worth it...

I used it for a while until I bought something better, (which I later sold and put the char on infinite hold)