Eth Item defence


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Eth Item defence

If you have an ethereal item with plain +defence is the defence formula like this?

1,5 * (base def + bonus def)

Or, like this?

(1,5 * base def) + bonus def

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The second.

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Neither, it's...

{(Base defense * (1 + Etherealness)) * (1 + Enhanced Defense)} + Bonus Defense

Bonus defense is the phrase for the affix that simply adds defense.[/Nitpicking]

{{Base defense * (1 + Etherealness)} * (1 + Enhanced Defense)} + Bonus Defense

It's a pain having three sets of brackets on a computer.


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You've forgotten that D2 rounds down at every step, so the formula is :

[[Base Defense * 1.5] * (1 + Enhanced Defense)] + Bonus Defense

where [ ] = rounding down.