ETH Ginthers PvP usefulness


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ETH Ginthers PvP usefulness

Allo, jw if an eth shaeld ginthers is usefull for teh fury wolf or WW baba? on a calculator i can get 6 fpa and 4 fpa on a ww baba. Is that fast enough?


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Used to be. Not anymore lacks the dps to compare to a honesudan imo....Low range, low damage high speed.


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IIRC, they do if you upgrade an eth... umm, whatever ginthers is, drawing a blank. The exceptional crystal sword.

They cant spawn as eth phase blades though.


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Sure you can upgrade, where would all the godly rare eth phaseblades come from if not? :)


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Baranor said:
Eth Ginters = 1.09 zerker weapon. Notice how I say 1.09.
zerkers can still do ok, but pretty much they have to be very well set-up to be able to fight effectively and kill.

Only the best % ed would be viable though.

imo: eth coldsteel rapes any other 1 handed wpn in that range (except godly rares)