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ETF member contact information & scammer warning. Photo site here too!

Discussion in 'Europe Standard - Ladder' started by Fercil, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Fercil

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    Jun 21, 2003
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    ETF member contact information & scammer warning. Photo site here too!

    For the official ETF photo site check HERE

    Now on the the accounts:

    This is a list of some traders on Europe Trading Forum (ETF) and their accounts on battlenet. This is not a complete list and you're not by any means required to have your contact information here, this is totally voluntary and just an attemp to keep trading safer. We won't add anyone on this list unless they submit their information. So even if I knew your accs, I won't list them unless you ask. This is totally voluntary. If you want your account information removed, please mention so and I'll remove it. I usually try to be quicker with this than adding for obvious reasons.

    Being on this list doesn't mean you're trusted trader. We do not have a policy to rate traders like that on this forum. This is simply contact information.

    You can submit your info to be added to this list by posting in this thread. Please follow these guidelines:
    - People don't need to know all your mule accounts, just those where they can expect to reach you or expect you to whisper them.
    - I would personally appreciate if people used the format used in list when making the initial addition so I could just copy-paste it to the list. I appreciate if you later on consider also what's the clearest way of avoiding mistakes; making a whole new line for yourself or telling me what to edit.
    - Read again that you wrote your accounts correctly. You don't want errors here. I copy-paste all account information to avoid any spelling mistakes by me, sometimes I might notice a clear typo by user but usually I don't.
    - Whether the account is ladder, non-ladder, HC or whatever has no meaning, I strip that information anyway to keep this list simple and serving the original purpose, how to contact people.

    Be careful with whom you trade on bnet. It's a known scam to create a similar sounding bnet account as someone here has and rip people of with that. Don't fall for that, check this list, pm each other or post your accounts on trade thread to be sure about the person you meet on bnet.

    And here's the actual list:

    aalbin: *aalbin *albinn
    Abenadar: *Gajos
    a_cook2: *a_cook *a_cook2
    adictal: *rantalaa
    ael: *Ael00
    Agateryon: *zxse
    Aginrikr: *Aginx *Aginxx *Aginxxx
    ahwolf: *AHWolf
    aicos: *minos
    Aitch: *Aitch
    ajsman: *antsut *antsut2
    akashmb = *sr-akash
    Aldhissla: *chronophobic *chronophobicii
    Alext: *alext *relset *relset2 *relset3 *relset4
    Amarilia: *Amarilia
    Ancalagon: *Malbrotha
    Antragon: *reso
    Anden: *Andemik, *Andemik3
    Andreas: *antosh
    Androth: *Cassiopeius
    andyok: *beefcake-ldr *beefcake-ldr2 *beefcake-ldr3
    Angelclaw: *Angelclaw *Daethorian
    Angeloonie: *Angeloonie
    Angelic_Golem: *Angelic76
    angelic_grunt: *foras *angelicspook *angelicspook2 *willuk *triad
    angl2k: *angl2k *angl2k-pvp *angl2k-mule
    Angryhead: *angryhead *angryheadd *angryheaded
    AnsuzTheJellyBean: *Twism_DK
    Anthraquinone: *jasse *jasse2
    AOxAltFfour: *AO-AltF4 *AO-Mule
    Apophis: *nesabuitul * gregors-rosette
    approon : *redmoon *redmoon2
    Arbedark: *Arbedark *Sukuyan
    arBitur: *Tikekin
    Archone: *Archone88 *Backstabber89 *Arcmuleacc4 *Arcmuleacc5
    Arilzo: *arilzo
    Arkardo: *Darksideguy *Darksideking
    Armadillo1: *Armadillo667 and *Armadillo668
    Arokh: *arokh666 *arokh665
    asdfgah: *asdfgah
    Ashbringer: *blackavanger *The_Ashbringer
    ask_dk: *Ask_dk *askmule_dk
    Assegai: *Assegai
    atanas : *atanas *eyr.atanas *eyr-atanas
    atmosphere: *atmosphereswe, *riddar_kato
    Atomium: *atomium2k (*atomium is somebody else !)
    Aule: *salihkec *salihkec-mf
    Awayoo: *aka9n
    Avantor: *Avantor *prito *prito2
    ayax_2k4: *quietzone
    Azador: *moojor
    azE: *orminge *orminge2 *etf-aze
    Azzy: *azurewrath87
    BabTrading: *bab123 *bab1234
    Backdoor Bandit: *InnerTurbulence *Mule_
    backemalm: *dethroned *dethroned2 *dethroned3 *gosu_pk
    Baffle: *biodrone *baffle
    Baneful: *Baneful1
    Barahir: *robross
    Barbaful: *d2addict, *Olle[FuN]
    Barbapappa: *Herkovic *Herkovic2
    barbiebarb: *alush01 *alush02
    Barimen: *barimen
    Bartel: *Bartel0 *Bartel1
    basila: *Cool-bass *cool-John *cool-poob *cool-diller
    Bavvoz: *bavvo *bavvo2
    Beast of Paradox: *Beastofparadox
    Beatrix: *Noorlander, *Nooranje
    Bednar: *bednar87 *
    beeble: *shamanknight *hgmule *shamanknight2
    Beedy: *beedy
    befkonijn: *wimmeke *wimmeke2 *de_jos2
    belagorn: *bel *beldis2 *beldis3 *beldis4
    Belial: *Tanash *Tanash2 *Tanash3 *Tanash4 *Tanash5
    bengoin: *slaylo *slaylomule
    Bert: *thebertman
    Biblical: *BiblicalPlayer
    BIGBEN: *jakuppetur *farodane *jp_ork
    Bignose: *B1gN0se *B1gN0se1 *B1gN0se2 (one for 1, zero for 0, *B1gNose1 is a scammer acc)
    BikerBoy: *BikerBoyz
    Bioburg: *pO_Oq *bioburg *biogem *bio_backpack
    bipoe: *nagelsax , *nagelmule , *nagelsax2
    BKC: *BlackChronicle
    Black_Rose: *br13
    blackbomb: *blackbomb
    blackborn: *blackborn[akc]
    BlackVenom: *TurnerBurner
    Blackwolf: *Blackdaevil *Blackdamule *BlackdaUniq
    Blayde: *xXRed13Xx
    Blem: *blemx *bleme
    Blitzy: *doligge, *doligge1
    Bloodedmayhem: *Bloodmayhem *BK_Internal *BK_Apathy *BK_Cylus *BloodCore *BloodFaith *BloodTech
    BLOK45: *Sejmus *Sejmus2
    BluzMan: *bluzman
    Bobcat: *Landreth
    bobgazais: *BobTheMan *BadBreathBoy
    Bobo^J: *boboj and *ovij *boboj_rox
    BoD Trader: *adamadam *adam_adam
    bollen: *glans1
    Bolzano: *Bolzano *BolzanoM *BolzanoHC *BolzanoCl *BolzanoL
    Bonang: *lerx *lerx2 *lerx3 *lerx4 *lerx5
    Bonkie: *Bonkie, *BonkieMules
    BooSqueaks: *x-eva-sor *o-walle-nec *neva-sor
    BooX: *boox_c *boox_d
    Borje: *Blomkvist2 *Blomkvast *Blomkvist3
    Born: *Born *MacBorn
    brainlessss: *brainlessss
    bres: *bresler *bresler2
    Brinkie: *brinkie625
    BRKO: *yohannez
    Broodijzer: *broodijzer and *broodijzer2
    bshm: *bshm *bshm2
    Bugatron: *Devastatius
    budolf: *count-budolf *duke-budolf
    Bugra : *Han13
    BunBunMaru: *don_grave *don_grave2
    burial: *f1001 *f1002 *f1003
    Burizan: *BuRiZaN *MF_Junkie
    Bushmaniac: * *Bush.swe
    c64flash: c64l2 and c64l22
    Caanmaster: *tore83, *tore84
    Cahoot: *Cahoot
    Camaro: *nm-camaro2 *nm-camaro3 *nm-camaropvp *nm-camaro *009173
    Capdin: *mad661 *mad662
    Carolus Rex: *hmhero *hmhero2
    carrado: *pieceofmind, *pieceofmind2, *pieceofmind3, *galeron *palamedes
    C-Beat: *m-beat *m-beat2 *m-beat3 *m-beat4 *m-beat5 *m-beat6
    C Elegans: *C_Elegans
    Ce Olba: *olba[akc]
    Celestia: *Celestia *Celestia_Mule *Palashia_Mule *Kethryes_Mule *Caldra_Mule *Jupitra_OI
    cgrsodt: *cgr
    Chairnick: *chairnick *chairnick2
    chalup: *eksztreme *chalup_setsA *chalup_setsB *chalup_uniA *chalup
    chefke: *udamcfrag *chefbier
    Chichaslocas *chichas
    chrisbeddoes: *diasrules
    ChrisF: *Chris22 *Chris85 *Chris212006 *Chris202005Chynobi : *Woodarse
    CKC-Lord: *CKC-Lord *CKC-Disco *CKC-Item
    Clangeddin: *clangeddin *edu91
    clercqer: *clercqer
    Colossus: *Colossus *Mavina
    Cppo-the-Wild: *Cppo
    Crazy Finn: *KristianRepo *Kenraali_K
    Crayz88: *OutOfControle
    Creslin2: *Lok-DragonsLair *Creslin *Ezeltje
    Crowd Control: *barkskin
    CryingBean: *ShadyHarvest
    Cobalt Viper: *Cobalt_Viper
    coffeejunk: *Cjunk *coffeejunk
    compres: *compres, *compres2, *compres3
    cookie_monster: *stormknight_84 *stormknight_no1 *stormknight_ldr *c00kie *c00kie1 (with zeroes)
    coprofagus: *coprofagus *coprofagus2
    cordi: *power-play , *play-power
    Corpus Levitas: *godsk
    crazykiller_dude: *crazy[akc] *crazykiller12 *crazy_mule1 (& 2 & 3)
    crotalus: *crotalus
    Crowd Control: *noobalicious
    Cubbie: *kerl *kerla
    Cujo: *cujon *cujonic
    CutterTheNutter: *mptree
    Cwibster: *Cwibster
    D_TradeSs: *D4rk_Inst1nct *Vibe.
    Dii Legend: *d2-legend
    d2master: *pvp-chaos
    Daanieel21: *Blow-daniiel *Blow-daanieel *daanieel21
    Dada: *namedead *deadname
    d.allegieri: *d.allegieri *unid-eddy *strangelover
    Dagorath: Dagorath Gourmetski
    Dahmer: *dahmer
    DaiWales: *daiwales *daimules
    Dalmar: *Dalmar
    damnatorius: *damnator
    Dannyk *dannyk
    -o|DarkJedi|o-: *pompeygeeza2
    Darkoooo: *Darkoooo
    Darkstallion: *darkstallion3 *darkstallion2
    Darkwood: *dark.wood7 *hazehail
    Das bgfreak: *bgfreak
    Davful *davfulmain *df01
    davidskp: *d2dave
    Davio: *Davio *Davio-UT
    Dawnmaster: *RedFlux
    DeadManWalking *anatolian *tracian
    Dearid: *Dearid *Dearidmule
    DeeperShade: *deepershade
    Deepfreez: *Osirys
    Denelvis: *denelvis and *denelvis2
    Der Vince: *doedel-hai
    destinysfault: *schicksal-tef *lod-schicksal *kohtalonvika
    detour: *Detourion *Detourmule *Detour
    Deus: *deuSie
    Deuterium: *supertedandpals
    Devileyes: *Deves *Deves1
    Devoluter: *DvtS
    devnl: *devnl
    devzero: *devzero *devzero2
    dftrader: *jeiti *jeiti1 *jeiti2 *jeiti3
    Dirty Scorpion: *hws-dirtyscorp
    disc: *jangafet *piyrot
    diskoren: *diskoren *diskoren- *orenium
    Djellis: *Djellis *Vze
    DjMike: *DjMike
    DjSlayer: *DjWaster *DjWaster_II
    djsvin: *djsvin *svinx1 *svinx4
    dlan: *dlan
    dMn: *chielz
    DoA-Ownage : *DoA-Ownage *Ownage-o_O *LLD-Xerox
    dommerick: *dommerick
    donkrone: *donkrone
    DonM: *biologe1
    DoomMaker: *DoomMaker
    double d: *Double.d *majuz
    Draccis: *dawolfa2
    Draco: *Maikey
    Dragon-Lance: *Dragon-Lance
    dragosbaby: *dragosfinest *dragoslad10
    drahemwercs: *suck_me *drah
    Drendor: *Drendor
    Drotor: *bowtar
    DruidTaz: *DruidTaz*RoninTaz *A.Whitelaw *bhoa-Taz
    Drukqs: Rhyan_Fla(V)e
    Dusz: *Dusz
    Dymi: *khazan, *khazstore
    Dzigi: *dzigi
    Eastatic: *eastatic
    EastSun: *EastSun *EasternSun *EastMoon *EasternMoon
    Eatenbyrobots: *eatenbyrobots *joolsverne
    eclipsedk: *eclipse_pvp *]-=eclipse=-[ *eclipse_ldr *eclipse_mules# (# means all from 2 to 14)
    EcROt: *ecr
    edgar2k2: *
    EdvinMedvind: *EdvinMedvind *EdvinMule
    Egebro87: *Egebro87
    EIgenwijs99: *eigenwijs *zabuninjai
    El3ssar: *AI2vven *AI2vveninha *EQ_Galathilion *Strangebuilds *El3ssar *Thecolector1 *Thecolector2 *one_O_ten *one_O_eleven *thecolector3 *thecolector4
    Eldonas: *Cbentley100 *Cbentley200
    Elfjes: *elfjes
    Elmek: *elmekpl
    Emorical: *S2-Emo *S2-Emo2
    emulio: *emulio *emulio2
    Engine_number_9: *hr.leif *
    enterman: *slasherzero *summon_noob
    Enz: *Enz *Grimpa
    Epheira: *Durkheim
    ephik: *jrNyx *jrNyx-m *jrNyx-m2
    EpixDii: *EpixDII
    Equalizer: *party_yea *opticare
    Equila: *{-Knight-}
    Erbo: *Eksu_1 *Eksu_2
    Eroytch: *Ekadeath *Ekadeath2
    Erwwwd: *Ervaloss1 *Ervaloss2 *Ervaloss3 *Ervaloss4 *Ervaloss5 *Ervaloss6 *Erwwwd
    Eryendil: *ery01
    Evilme: *poisinivy *ivybank *ivymule
    Executor3000: *executor3000 *executor3001 *executor3002
    .EYRIS.ONE.: *lame. (with the dot)
    Fakky: *Fakky *FakkyII *1840msv
    fallen angel of satan: *Rbentley100 *Rbentley3
    Fam: *renmenrar *xts-fam *dav01 *Dav_L2 *Dav_mule
    ~FaMe~: *DeFame *WoH-Fame *Fame *fame-pvp
    FBaloo: *FBaloo *Fbaloo2 *FBaloo3
    Fedmann: *fedmann *fedmann2
    Feeling Oblivion : *FeelingOblivion *FeelingObliv2 *psy3954
    Feer: *Suokkis *Feer *Feer2 *Dummyacco
    feldegast: *Mykoplasma3 *Mykoplasma4 *Mayanyi *Bubbikrubbi *Mykoplasma *Mykoplasma2 *Bubbikrubbi2
    Feonn: *Feonn *Feonn-mules *Feonn-mules1
    feydr: *feyd-br *feydr-br *wnxfeydr
    ffejrxx: *ffejr30
    ffsWickedffs: *Wictor
    Filurina: *Filurina_la *Filurina_la3 and *Filura
    Findux: *cidfindux *Pettson. *Findusam
    FinMcCooL: *celticwarrior30
    Finsabre: *Alucardo- *Antti-**
    Firebox: *Firebox100 *Firebox1000
    Fish: *f1sh
    fizzili: *fizzy *pyhis
    Fkn: *fkn
    flax: *flaxabiten *flaxbryt *brytflax
    flimflap: *flimflap *flimflapsk
    Flippy: *MrFlip *Prya
    Floral: *Floral *FloralFallal
    Florpan: *Florpanx1 *Florpan# (# is either I-IX, soj, _doc) *Florpan
    Fluffybunny: *TH-Fluffybunny *TH-Fluffy *TH-Fluffylager *TH-Fluffyplass
    Fluffypaw: *keiskij *jkeiski *jkeiski2 *Fluffypaw
    Foekie: *Foekie-
    fogger05: *dentynIce
    foromir: *foromir *foromir2 *foromir3 *foromir4
    foutvarken: *foutvarken *dirk-jan *dirk-jan1
    Freshacejay: *freshacejay
    Frolic: *Frolic *Frolic2 *Frolic3
    front243: *front243 *front_mule
    Frosty_The_Snowman: *FNX-Heroes *FNX-Revolutions
    FrozenSolid: *frozen_sun *frozen_moon *frozen_h2o *frozen_dna *frozen_soul
    Fruitc: *dtsfc
    frygia: *Frygia *arleene
    fthkog: *Ozu
    Furry_friend: *Golemfever_ladr *Golemfever_hc
    Furyan: *biwtimmy *biwtimmy1
    FX-Amanda: *FX-Hyperborea *FX-Hyper *FX-Amanda *FX-Amanda1 *FX-Amanda2
    fyrsten: *fyrsten *fyrsten2 *fyrsten3
    Gabbana: *siggenz *siggenz2
    gabe: *gabe_knight *minerrva *gabrielk
    Gabriellus: *G4briel
    gaifut: *gaifut *gayfar
    Gakkethijs: *gakkethijs4 *gakkethijs2
    galarz: *galarz *galarzz *galarzzz
    galzohar: *galzohar
    GandalfThaGrey: *ziv *ziv-mule
    Ganymos: *Bakamono84
    gareth47: *gareth47 *gareth2503 *gareth_47
    Garoul: *Garoul *queerstar
    Gatekeeper: *Gk-Gothax
    Gatsujinsha: *Spike_2202 *Maiden2202
    GeniusMisunderstood: *CraigEvans
    Gertz: *Gertz *Gertz1
    GhostDK: *JODOGhost
    GhostKilleR: *voctal
    Gildan: *turil *herrspandex *herrnecro *turil_gubbar
    Gmaster: *Grandmb *Grandmb2
    Gnarph: *gnarre
    gnaz: *em_Rul3r
    Goffe: *iMikee
    Golds: *Forlorn
    Gordey: *Gordey
    Gorzul:*GorZul, *GorZul2, *Mindflayed
    Gosu-Hellbolt: *Gosu-Hellbolt, *Gosu-pg
    gøtfar; *banditeleven *Banditeleven2 (*gotfar3 is not him)
    graemeh782: *graemeh78 *graemeh782
    Grasseater: *MrGrass *MrGrass2
    Greizer: *Fmj_hammer
    Greyhead7734: *Greyhead2 *Greyhead_GnN *Hanked_Grey *Imbord
    Grim Roger: *alfaklown
    Groo: *groo9
    Grosse-Merde: *grosse-fesses *grosse-merde
    GruffTuff: *GruffTuff
    Gryphon: *kngryphon *kngryphon1
    guface: *guface2 *guface
    Gungak: *Gungak-EW
    gza3894: *viscrid
    haddek: *haddek *haddek_mule and *haddek_mule2
    Hägga: *pZ-NightCrawler
    Hapsnykel : *Haps *Haps1 *Haps2 *Haps3
    Haro: *haro , *haro2
    Hatebringer: *Hatebringer *Hatebringer2 *Hatebringer3
    Hazelnut: *andyblower *ajrbmules_i
    Hd_Raziel: *HD-Raziel *HD-Raziel2 *HD-Raziel3
    headpoo: *headpoo
    heavenlyangel: *hanh01 *hanh02
    heavenwood: *heavenwood *heavenwood1
    Hello Jim: *landau7 *landau8
    helvete: *Helvete_EU *helvete_EU2 *helvete_EU3 *helvete_EU4 *helvete_EUmule *helvete_EUgems
    Hemehaci: *hemehaci
    hesthest: *hesthest97 *hesthest98 *hesthest99
    hestJaevel: *Jaevel *fisken
    Herald of Doom: *HoD_L
    higuys: *imnotpro
    Hilding: *Laknes *Nindague
    Hobbix: *bongo *mr_slice
    hoilori: *jontsalad *jontsalad2 *jontsamule
    hollyghost: *hollyghost
    HolyOne: *Holy.PT
    Homm: *hommpl
    Hophans: *hophans *hophans.1
    Horoma: *Horoma *Horomu3
    Howler: *howleing
    hoyleyboy: *hoyleyboy
    hucca: *hucca *susihucca
    hulla-hop: *hullahc *fjotke *hullalatter *hullahop *hullamules *hullamules2
    humblegar: *humblegar *humblegar2
    Hunningolla: *Hunningolla
    Hyarmenion: *Hyarmenion *HyarHC *HyarLad
    Hyourinmaruuu: *Hyourinmaru *Hyourinmaru2 *Hyourinmaru3
    Ian_Linington: *Stormin_norm, *Stormin_norm_2, *Stormin_norm_3 *SN_1
    IceBlast: *iceblastsc *chix
    Icekeep: *SM_Blade *Icekeep *Icekeep2 *Icekeep3 *Mulor_Icekeep *Shadowcloak *Shadowhaven *Shadow_mule
    IceWarrior: *axe
    ictus_pl: *ictus_pl
    IdiotDK: *Mr.Butler
    Iggenorlin: * ni1
    Igi.: *Igi.
    ikkle_snow_angel: *ikkle_gurl *ikklesnowangel
    ikzunaj: *ikzunaj *ikzunaj1
    Illeh: *pgc_Illidan *daaaan
    Ilumm: *elfpls
    incido: *incido *incido2 *incido4
    IncubatorJones: *Incubator-Jones *IncubatorJones *IncubatorJones2
    Infiltrator: *Infiltrator84
    insaneme: *insaneme *insaneme2
    insertscarynamehere: *acehole *burningsalem *thinkbad *antithesis
    [iNsoMniaC] *AcK-Lyathena
    InspireMe: *inspire1992 *inspire1995
    ipityfool: *Cameltoe *ipityfool *hilloviiva
    IronCamel: *BrassMonkey *IronCamel *unfpool
    Iroqouiz: *Iroqouiz1
    ISayPorter: *HopelessAmateur
    Isgarath: *khfkhf *padrun *padrun1
    itron: *itron *itron2 *itron3
    IwandererI: *IwandererI
    IzZ4cK: *SilentBeauty *eXtremeSpirit
    Jaak: *kunn_jaak3 *kunn_jaak4
    Jaax: *jaax
    Jabo: *Jabonator
    Jack Carael: *JackCarael
    Jahve: *aoX-Jahve *aoX-Mavors
    jakotaco: *jakotaco *jakotaco2
    jallelime: *Limey
    jammerr: *j4mmer77 *james77 *jmule
    jaebriggs: *briggzy01 *wnxbriggzy
    Jampot: *jampot11 *more-mules
    janmaxim: *janmaxim
    JasonBriggs: *Jason_briggs *Jason_Briggz
    Jbor: *jbor1618
    jcldude: *johncl *johncl2
    Jek: *edcu-main
    Jetara: *avangel2
    Jednowlosy: *jednowlosy
    jimbaz: *teh_leet_haxor
    jimi: *Addibe- *Jimi-thepope *Jimi-forpope
    jimmah: *aegg, *aeg
    Jindrak: *jindrak
    Jinslave: *LiFo. *cci-jinslave
    JippJupp: *jippjupp
    jmattmacd: *jmattmacd
    joa_ix: *joa_ix *joa_x
    Joe Coyote: *pakkasherra *corpsevomit *skelet0r *akmodan_ii
    joeja *joeja691 *joeja692 *joeja693 joeja69trade
    Joetazz: *joetazz
    Johnny: *Bullet_Dodger
    johnnygreek : *qwerty33,*darktemptation,*darktemptationb,*darkte mptationc,*darktemptationd,*darkmtemptationd
    JohnsOlaid: *JohnsOlaid[wgc]
    johnomally: *Budley-Sama
    Jolandeh: *jolandeh *ngv_jolandeh
    jordy666: *teh_jordy
    *beastofbagdad *blagdad
    JooopIE: *Jooop *Jooop1 *Jooop2
    JosTheBoss: *JosTheBoss *JosBoss *Sagie
    jot12: *jot12 *jotmule
    jphietala: *nipsukka *jp-mules *jp-mules2
    JSund: *JSund
    jvst-steken: *jvst-biffen *jvst-bajshead
    jwary: *jwary, *warysr
    Jyritor: *Jyritor

    .....Continued below.....
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    Jun 22, 2003
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    Kastlefeer: *kastlefeer *kastlefeer2
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    kennz: *kenz
    Kenshin: *Mehzin
    KerryKing: *patelun, *patelun1
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    ki-hyeon: *ki-hyeon-snc *ki_hyeon_snc
    Kiba: *USA-Kiba (non-ladder)
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    krupa: *thisis
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    Lord_Alucard: *Ravenscar *Ravenscar1 *Ravenscar-EW
    Lord_Azrael: *MagickMan *Raging-Thunder
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    LordCinos: *LordCinos
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    Mage_killer: *Static-X. (with dot) *WDT-Magekiller
    MagicMastered: *Deathwish3D*Deathwish3D_2
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    MagpieLee: *MagpieLee *MagpieLee2 *MagpieMule
    Majuz: *Majuz
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    mallemout: *mallemout *mallemout1 *mallemout2
    Manmower: *Oldefar
    Maphiston : *potterlookalike
    marcello: *belly-dancer *n4bcello-SoV
    Marcelluss: *Marcelluss *Marcelluss-II
    marcuspajp: *marcuspajp
    MariusHering: *badfish1210
    Marmerendus: *vw-goldfish
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    meltdown: *darknees
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    MetallicPilot: *soap_metal
    Mezz : *mezz_soft, *duvel
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    Mikk0: *Li[pp]i *Li[pp]i-mule
    Milb: *milb749 *milb750 *milb751
    MiNdBeNdEr - *MindbenderDK
    mindslaver: *mindslaver79 & *mindslaverset
    minizx: *neilp
    MIP: *Gear_Wardog
    MiRmIgOfAgOs: *Mirmigofagos2 *FoxQ[jas]
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    mmc: *mmc
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    Modaaf: *modafski
    Moleman_OOT: *moleman *ssj-anakin *namelom_nikana *mystic_oot *strandmole *mystic2_oot *moleman_oot *mysterio_oot (all NL accts)
    Molen: *MolenXs
    Mombassa: *uncemombassa
    Monkey_oO: *ww-pvplayer *ww-luxor *ww-prol33t
    monkfinger: *monkfinger00 *monkfinger01
    Monte cristo: *pk13
    mooniz: *mooniz
    Moose on the Loose : *Moose. (with dot) *lykmeraid *hugle *lykmemule *teletubbies
    Morgoth999: *morgoth999
    moriando: *casper82, *casper83
    Moroska: *moroska
    Mr Bones: *Bones_World *Bones_Mule
    Mr Karuso: *Avallanche
    mr.dines: *lord_ole
    mr_sQuinty: *mr_sQuinty_c
    mrbounty: *HPinvent
    MrDoc: *MrDoc *MrDoc02
    mrs. mallemout: *mrs.mallemout
    --Mugge--: Mbarfod, Mbarfod# (# from 1 to 8)
    mstenbo: *mstenbo
    Mule: *TheOddMule
    Mullegil: *mullegil
    mullemand1234: *mullemand123456
    munkehboi: *munkehboi
    museamazon: *Narey
    Mysteria: *Mysteria9 *Mysteria-ew
    mystified: *cunningwish *deathwish *wishingstar
    _Mythos: *mythz
    mytoss: *mytoss-1 *stashok
    Mxpein: *Stube *Mxpein
    Nakozan: *nakozan *druidvalley *necrovalley *nako30 nako2win *nako2heal
    nailstabber: *Nail01
    Naitti: *Perkele4
    Nalar: *wilja *Arch-Indar
    Nastyx: *nastyxv *nastyxiii *nastyxii
    Navaros: *Navaros
    nck: *dragon-tfw
    necra: *aod-kream *aod-kream2
    Negullah: *negullah *negullah2
    Nerdhunter: *bam-guardian *bam-nerdhunter *bam-nerdhunters
    neoblaster: *blstr
    Neksja: *Melska
    nightc: *satanicum4
    Nightwright: *nightwright *nightwright1 *nightwright2
    Nike: *higdur3 *higdur4 *higdur5
    niner: *rvg2 *bearvg *rvgcoosbay *rvg3 *rvg4
    Nirlem: *Nirlem *Nirlem-mule *nirlem-pvp
    Niursz: *niursz
    NIX: *NIX-VI
    NL-DeV: *dev_cd *dev_cd_mule
    nrabbit: *moly5
    nrhoden: *nrhoden *nrhoden2 *nrhoden3 *nrhoden4
    Noammr: *schloam
    n0iZe: *mmfixx *mmfixx0 *mmfixx1 *mmfixx3
    Nokia: *Nokia_
    NrUbLiNd: *blindfx *nru_blindfx
    nukeman8: *wymerski *nukeman822
    nurman: *nurman
    NvE: *NvE *NvE_
    nyreen: *mnbbnm, *nyreen
    oOmpie *o0mpie <-- that's a zero in the D2 account name
    öäå: *MalariaH
    Oblivision: *bcd
    ogrex: *ogre_x
    Oldin: *Oldin *Oldini
    ol0sh 1969: *olosh
    ondergetekende: *aldiris *ondergetekende1
    Ollit: *1770olli (one seven seven zero olli )
    Oneandthesame: *aKonto
    oneBlast: *0Flex (with zero) *iz0n *oizo *noizo *dls-oi *dls-oiz *pieohpah
    onedayhero: *onedayhero
    Onefuryz: *Onefuryz-pvp *onefuryz-pvp2 *onefuryz
    Onwijsstoerekerel: *DondoNDon
    opctjes: *mad.zabu *madskills.zabu *zabuninjai
    Opeeq: *cvb-optik *cvb-never *cvb-mule
    Orbalot: *havana
    ormac: *parcodemarco
    Orodreth: *ceje *ceje2
    Oscarolim: *oscarolim and *oscarolim2 (classic only)
    oshimon : *oshimon *oshimon1
    ost: *2high2fly
    otiz: *otiz *otiz2
    overskilled: *Lucas-Jay *Lucas-Jaay *Lucas-Jaaay
    Owoc: *owoc
    ozhb0t: *ussemand *ussemand_ii *geek *roc-soz *landis[hc]
    p-ranha: *p_ranha, *p_ranha2
    Padnul: *Padd01
    PalaLoveSoc:*zhuang, *zzllyyzz, *zzllyyzz2, *zzllyyzz3
    panor_gr: *panos1313 *panos1314
    Paranoide: *paranoide *paranoide-2
    Parkkohe: *alv22
    pat7459: *pat7459
    patriach owen: *owaan
    peckoslav: *peckoslav *pecko *blizzna
    PedN: *PedN *PedN2
    pedu: *pedu2
    Peezed: *number3 *number *number2
    pena: *penazor *penamus *penamules
    peremv: *peremv2
    Perijoli: *Kvisth
    PerKu: *PerKu *PerKu1
    PeterSwe: *peterliden *peterliden2
    Peter VDD: *peter_vdd
    Petrinius: *Petrinius (Non-ladder) *AirborneDodo (Ladder)
    Pheer: *Blood-Reaver
    Phive: *phive
    phoentjah: *phoentjah
    pieita: *atb85 *pie_rox *pie2_rox
    piplanfear: *smtr *smtr1 *smtr2 *smtr3
    Pirman: *krilagoma
    Pitboss_2000: *Devilock
    pitcike: *pitcike
    plant: *plant_ra *plant2_ra
    Platon: *Platonix *Hector29
    pntzi: *pntzi
    pornstar: *Vrooom (3*letter o, not zero) *Shad0w (this time with the zero, and not the letter)
    prawncracker: *prawncracker *prawncracker2, *prawncracker3
    -Primal-: *marrsy
    ProfessionalBerg: *Viktor_Berg *Chaos_Warehouse
    PrOnEzZzZz: *pronezzz
    prout: *tigettex
    proxyi: *proxyi
    psych: *rvl *aod_rvl
    Pure: *thebreathe *sandel *nessaja
    Purri: *kevin-tfw *Xeno-tfw *Xeno-woc
    PWDirect: *wogster2
    Pyrates: *Pyrates *Pyrates2
    Quickske: *quickening *tonysc-soy
    qtpielv: *qtpielv *qtpielv2
    Qveasd: *Fwiffo *Fwiffo_mule *Fwiffo_mule2
    raena: *raena and *mackenzie
    Raging Squirrel: *belcher3
    rainman_187: *rainman_187 *xts-rain
    Raistlin_Majere: *koust , *koust2 , *koust3
    Ralbu: *razvan
    rastiss: *Lialh4
    Rat: *kent4 *kent5 *kent6 *kuthoer
    Ravenlord: *ravenlord777
    Rawness: *ii-
    Rayban: *Rayban_82
    Rbergel: *funfun *gewmeat *meatmea *meatfun *gewgew *gewfun
    rebel: *LoA.rebel *LoA.rebel.HC *rebel-s2 *rebel-s2a *rebel-s2b *rebel-s2c
    ReCo: *ReCo
    ReDCell : *ReD_Cell
    redjellosux: *redjellosux *redjellosux2 *redjellosux3 *redjellosux4
    redrumyou: *redrumyou *redrumyou1
    reeskees: *Sambal-baai
    reflexii: *reflexii
    regards: *topherleun *regards1
    Reikon: *scottish-knight
    Remillard: *reggaemylitis
    renzokukenreddragon: *rrd
    Reppana: *Reppana
    Repsaj: *Repsaj
    Retarderet: *rastlin *bladebuster *sovremso
    ReZ The Profound: *ReZTheMighty *iLSDiabloSli *DPE-ReZ *PvP-ReZ
    Rhiana: *Rhiana
    richo: *richo999 *richo. *richo
    Riv: *d07.riv *d07.riv2 *d07.riv3
    Rivfader: *Simon_SaC *Simon_Slaktaren
    RizoR: *rizor-1
    rizzlan: *willsan *willsan1
    RlyehExiled: *Rlyeh_Exiled *Rlyeh_72 *Rlyeh_Duress *Rlyeh_27
    Roadkill71: *Dessloch17 *Dessloch71 *Dessloch3
    RobbieDerover: *6under
    RobTheBob: *RobTheBob *RobTheBob2 *RobTheBobMule
    Rock599: *zukker
    rockywuff: *rockywuff *rocky_hc
    Roekemoes: *Roekemoes
    roemerroemer: *roemerroemer *roemermule2 *roemermule3
    Roger the Shrubber: *Velsenard-3
    rogier: *MFbiatch *killandattack
    rolf_enver: *rolf_enver *rolf_enver02 *rolf_enver05
    rows: *Mr_Titus *Mr_Tituzz *Mr_Tinkertrain *rows
    RTK: *rath
    Runfy: *teknochars, *teknomule
    rzeuss : *rzeuss *rzeuss_mule
    Saapas: *kimmo_mules, *Saapas. (with the dot)
    Sagilevi: *sagi-levi *sagi-levi2
    Sagitarii: *sagitarii *sagi2
    sahlakh: *blazmaar
    sajoda: *sajlad2 *sajladd2 *sajladdd2
    samantca: *samantca1 *samantca2
    Samithedood: *samithedood1 *samithedood2 *samithedood3
    Sammuel: *Shenjairo
    SAMTRON: *njn *njn_pvp
    sandud: *sandu_slayer
    sangfagel: *realbi *realbione *realbitwo *realbitri *realbifor
    Santaa: *Pgc_omega *Detempta(be)
    SantaClawsZFour: *SantaClaws04 *bendaid04 *bendaid05
    Sarithia: *Zypher88 *Rinoah *Rinoah2
    Saranina: *filurina
    Saruwatari: *CouH-Oblivion
    sasha: *tantric_runes *tantric_biatch *tantric_sex *tantric_tantra
    Satanek: *S8AN111
    SaubersBox: *Mancabus
    sAY.wQQT: *ANALisa *sAY.wQQT
    Schnorres: *schnorres *schnorretta *schnorreen *schnorrje
    Scorpio: *Deadfunk
    screenager : *screenager
    scumi: *scumi
    Seaturtle: *The_platypus *Klaus-rtard
    Seisouhen : *disaro *disaro1
    SelanirO: *SelanirO *Xinu
    selone_orc: *selone *selone[gm]
    Sensaburu : *Sensaburu
    Senti: *senti *senti2
    Sephiroth: *SephLroth *NLSephLroth *Bahamut (mule acc nr goes up to Bahamut8) *Sephiroth[DW] Serotonine: *Serotonine *Kochab sevencreature: *sevencreature *sevenc SFW: *SFW ShadowZero: *MoL-ShadowZero2 *ShadowZeroMule4 *MoL-MF *MoL-Gems *MoL-PvP *MoL-Savings ShadowRunner: *bolo-shadow *bolo-shadowb Shalam: *Jimb0b (with a zero) Shang: *shang *shang1 Shanksie1337: *Shanks1 *shanks2 *shanks3 Share: *Share. (<- with . ) sheepe2004: *sheepe2005 *sheepe2006 shinasu: *shinasu ShikYaku: *aquilta ShockTactics: *re1kon Shoj: *Shoj *Shoj2 shuy: *shuy1 *shuy2 (*shuy3 is a scammer !!) Silav101: *Silav101 silent shaddow: *SilentShaddow SilverCircle: *Shakthan3 *Shakthan4 *Shakthan5 SilverDragon: *Shadow_Steel *SilverDragoness *Dark-Desire silverneck: *silverneck SimmoK: *Simmo3k Simon89: *Simon1989 *simon19892 .sin: *Sill5 *Sill6 *Sill7 Sindus: *Sindus Sineverba: *sineverba sinron: *sinron *sinron1 *ron-ld Sir_Craven: *Sir_Craven1 *Sir_CravenHC *Sir_Craven sirzinedinezidanezodiac: *sir_zodiac, sir_zodiac1, *sir_zidane1, Sjefke: *Spazm sjw7: *sjw7 SK_UK: *mbland_uk skabb: *skabb Skazz: *skazz skellybro: *Skellybro *Skellybro2 Skinnie: *Skinnie Skumhesten: *Skumhesten SkyFighter: *Sky2007 *SkyFighter Skythe: *skythe *goldenplasma *goldenplasma2 *gp-trade SlaaneshBen: *PlayStable *PlayStable001 *UnstableStable *StableMules slap: *slev *slev1 *slev2 Slave25: *Fiery_Fla(V)e *Slave_Fla(V)e SLX: *FX_SLX and FX_SLXXX Smrtihara: *Smrtihara snigeren: *DK-Snigeren or *DK-Snigeren2 (NOT DK-SNlGEREN , notice the small L in name) *SorrowSorc *SnigerL2 Snowblind: *attackyouheart. <<with dot Soeki: *AID-Soeki Soekie: *soap_soekie *soap_steen Soepgroente: *soepgroente Solbaer: *nine.inch.nails *nin8889 *nin8888 *nin8887 somewhatdamaged99: *lestat99 Sopper: *sopper10 *sopper *sopper2 *SopperPvP Soulmasher: *SoulMasher *Soulmasher2 *Soulmasher3 Spacko101: *Hydramus *Hydramus2 *Hydramus3 sphinxman: NL - *sphinxman3333 *sphinx_pvp / L - *sphinx_2010 Spinwheel: *Spinwheel *Spinmules Squick: *Squick1 *Squick2 *Squick3 stardrowned: *stardrowned *starmule Stealthy: *Kaaleppi StefChri: *StefChri Stefo: *Stefo89334 StevoMoo: *StevoMoo-EW *StevoMoo *StevoMoo2 *StevoMoo3 StigOlaf: *vonevilstein *vonevilstein2 stkrause: *stkrause and *stkrause_too StormClimber: *StormClimber *StormFinder stufflife: *stufflife *stufflife1 sturla: *sturla *sturla2 Styxxie: *Styxxie-EW *Styxxie *Styxx-EW stzein: *stzein *jandelichte Suerte: *suerte Suicyder: *suicyder2 *suicyder SuperDuck: *Super_Duck *Super_Duck2 *Super_Duck3 *Super_Duck4 *Super_Duck5 SuperK: *SuperK *Supermule SuperKing: *tjep 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    If you do not have commas and full stops ( , . ) etc in your acc name please do not put them next to your account name. It is your responsibilty to make sure you write the correct name for us to copy, please read the instructions at the top of the post before posting.


    JoeCool: *jcool1 *jcool2

    Thanks ~ Xora

    After adding your account info, we will delete you posting, so if it disappears, please check if everything is fine with it.


    Edit by Krischan:

    We are a bit pedantic with this, as (1) we are lazy and we just want to cut and paste in your account info and (2) the less we have to edit, the less errors we can make and the less place for interpretation there will be. Please don't mention which info is obsolete or explain things, just post the complete line with the forum account and bnet accounts.

    It seems as if these simple guidelines are beyond the comprehension of a few people, so I'm repeating it in big letters :azn::


    JoeCool: *jcool1 *jcool2
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2008
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    Re: ETF member contact information & scammer warning. Photo site here too!

    Kelainos: *kelainos
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    Re: ETF member contact information & scammer warning. Photo site here too!

    Bushmaniac: *Bush.PvP

    *Bush.swe no longer in use.
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    Cubannecktie: *Oldvid

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