ETF Gathering 2016 - its BUCHAREST baby!


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Hello good people of the European Trade Forum.

We are planning this years Gathering in Bucharest, Romania. From 8.-12. of September.

Bucharest, capital of Romania. Its filled with gorgeous women and mouthwatering drinks. And beers is about 1euro :)
But those are for the evenings. In daytime, we have some things to check out like:
-Revolution Square, known for Ceausescu's final moments in power
-Lipscani District, home to many art galleries, antique shops and coffeehouses
-The Palace of Parliament, the largest building in Europe

Maybe you have some desires, tips or wishes to what to do in Bucharest?

A short view of the history of ETF Gatherings..
It all started in 2009, in Groningen, Holland. We were 8 people from Norway, Germany, Czechia, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland who decided to just meet up irl. Have a few drinks and some sightseeing and see how it goes.

This went so well, that we soon decided to meet up in Prague, Czech Republic in 2010. This time we had grown to 12 people. And from that day, we decided that this have to be a annual thing.

So it became
Berlin 2011
Warsawa 2012
Amsterdam 2013
Prague 2014
Ghent/Brussels 2015

And this year, its Bucharest. So if you have the time and resources, feel very free to join in and meet fellow ETF'ers in real life. You get freinds from all around Europe. We have had people from Norway, Sweden, England, Czech, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Holland, Belgium and Germany attending the gatherings. Its all about good fun and friendly people.




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Me, my wife and 2 toddlers wont be able to make it unless we win the euromillions and can stop working cause we wont be able to get vacation then.
Damnit I haven't been on the site much in 2015 and totally missed it beeing in Ghent / Brussels else we would have made it for at least one of the days.