Eternity Scourge for PvM Fana-Zealot?


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Eternity Scourge for PvM Fana-Zealot?

Was thinking about trying this out since i have an eth scourge lying around. I guess it would be less effective than an eth Lash or Death rw, but it's gotta be worth some style points, right? Anyway the 33%Slow seems quite attractive.

Gear would probably be thus:

Guilliames(IAS-10All res jool)
Exile Royal shield 40Allres 1.2k - Or HoZ(15IAS)?
Eternity scourge - duh!
Nosferatu's - Or Dungoes?
Crafted Blood Gloves with 10CB + 20IAS - Or Dracs?
Dual Leecher with AR

Will use mainly for general PvM and ubers.

My questions are:

Will I hit the 4fpa BP with any of these set-ups?
Will the slow effect work on Ubers? If so will it be worth it?
Is it a total waste of Hr's when i can make a Death for half the price?

Thanks for any insights.