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My,'s getting awfully dusty in here.

Not too much more yielded for Phyrria last night. A friend got my first 1.10 Snowclash, and I walked home with yet another Magefist. (Earlier, someone in the Barracks had dropped me some Frostburns. *sigh*)

Well, not much else to say. I'll take a glass of pomegranate juice and head over to my quiet corner for a bit.


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Coke will do finely.
Got my vlld paly to the correct level!:)

Dealing 900 damage at level 12 is good for me.


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*suddenly the bouncer comes flying trough the door*

damn thinbg tried to stop me from getting to the bar:xrollseye

im off my jujutsu traning so make me a xider without cactus please


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Bleagh, time to have a nap.

Barkeep, Plz. get me a decent Scottish nightcap? Aaah, yes, 19 yr old Glenfiddich will do nicely, thanks.

For years I have kept up the habit of not drinking, dating, marrying or advising anything/anyone under half my own age, but I've been forced to leave this track when I reached fourty...

Katana, my first HC char (Assassin) is still alive at lvl 24, now very close to her first real test: Normal council.

Very much debating where to put the remaining 18 skill points atm. She's a very lucky girl, though: A chest in Lower Kurast dropped a Manald. Combined with the gloves I now have 49 MF! Keep rockin'!


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So, Lowlander, who's the teenager you're dating? :p

Oh, you mean the scotch. :D

I had yesterday off work, so I managed to make some progress with my Amazon, killing off Baal & the cows in normal, so I'll have a Guinness in celebration of my latest Destroyer.

I'll also have a few more to try to kick of this bug too.


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I had a test today in my welding class. I got 90%! So I'm pretty proud and happy for me. :D

So I'm buying the next round to everyone! Enjoy! :drink:

*on Durf's credit card of course*


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*slides in some, followed by an army* Barkeep, a Root Beer before I go to shuttle my way as quickly as humanly possible through Act One to fetch the final piece of the puzzle: the merc. It'll be a shame to fire my Prayer merc, though. He's been with me through thick and thin. Went through most of the game with just a magic polearm, chain mail, and a full helm that I gambled for when I first got him.


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Well since I've returned to school (NOOOOOO!!!) I've had approximatley nine minutes to play Diablo, which was just enough time to get from one side of the Outer Steppes to the other before running smack into a Fanat group of boss corpulents who were the first monsters (Except for Diablo) capable of taking out my Skeles. For half an hour I hacked at the damn things, and I finaly beat them, (got squat out of it of course) and had to turn it off. Damn parents.
Other than that I have done nothing important. At all. .... I need a drink.


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*Enters panting*

Where is it? Oh, there you are!
*opens the EMB waypoint*

Enough running around to reach here.

Barkeep, I am feeling lucky, my Pit map is a promising one. Tequila shot for me. Make it double with a rock worm spawn. My teeth need something to do.

*looks around, thinkative*

That corner will do

*materializes Diablo chess board where:
Pawns: Desert Guards and Fallens
Towers: Barbarians and Baals
Knights: Paladins and Duriels
Bishops: Necromancers and Mephistos
Queens: Amazon and Andariel
Kings: Druid and Diablo*

Anyone care for a game?


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*pops in on the Waypoint*

Hey, I'll take you up on that game. Give me one sec...

Barkeep, I'll take a pomegranate juice, please. Need some healing after skinning my thumb, and good luck for my Storm Queen, whose magic is having prissy little hissy fits right now, sometimes doing proper damage, sometimes doing lower-end damage. God forbid she be consistent, like my Firewaller. Her biggest challenges to date are coming up: 1.) level her merc like mad. 2.)Duriel. 'Nuff said. My 'waller could *almost* take him by herself, at this point in her career. Stormie here *might* be able to do it, but it would be like killing Diablo with a crossbow--without the benefit of poison. Do act bosses heal when you go back to town? Sounds like a stupid question, and I *KNOW* someone answered it somewhere, but I just woke up so my tracking's off.

Joy...tomorrow starts ten days without Diablo, forums, or much anything else to do. House-and-Dog-sitting is *so* much fun. (Okay, the dog should be fairly interesting, so long as she doesn't command my every waking moment and doesn't mind just being a companion dog every so often.)

Well, I'm going to split. Must level merc, must get gold in case I die. Must have patience with little Storm Queen. (Her real name's Alexandra, but I refer to her by her build name.)



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(Another pomegranate juice, please, doc. Thanks.)

Changed mercs, only had to do one bit of run-through in Act I (started in Black Marsh). Leveled kind of slow...but leveled all the same. Died to Andy (at least she dropped stuff...including TWO FRIKKIN' BERSERKER'S HELMS! (I kid you not--I'll find an image hoster and post the screenshot, if you don't believe me.)

Moved on to Act II. Re-did Radament quest, and merc continued to level, this time quite nicely. :D (All this is at p5.) Decided to start questing, since I finally got some good spells (Chain Lightning + Teleport = PRICELESS! For everything else, there's HoradriCard.). End result so far? Cleaning house, and only had to res my merc once. (It's the DICKENS to keep him from getting poisoned, but his PR is getting fairly boosted, so I'm not quite as worried as I used to be.

*sigh* Five months ago, the farthest I could safely take a sorc was to Lut Gholein. She'd die on the first level of the sewers, no questions asked. It was a hopeless situation. Now, Lexie's nearly OWNING everything...and with a fair amount of MF to boot (found a Gull in one of the money pits at the Countess' place, and she has the entire Angelic set with the sword on weapon switch. Main weapon is Lazzi's Spire.)

*sigh* If only I could have that sort of luck with my Ice Goddess. ^_^;;

Well, I'm out. Playing a bit more, and hopefully getting past Duriel.



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I like your thinking, M_D. Make that two.

Ricrestoni, I'll have a go. I'll have to warn you though - I'm not very good. Let me see. Pawn to King 4.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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*Walks in....*
[Harley, a physco sorc]"Yay darts!!!"

:rant: HARLEY!!!! :grrr:ARGH my skellies just got crushed by batman and is not the time to goof off!

*goes and sits at bar*