[EscL] Searchin' for friends:(


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[EscL] Searchin' for friends:(

Hey guys....i just started to play again after a few months...and i was looking for some friends in Europe...some on to talk to, maybe get a boost from, or i boost him(when i get a good char again)! hehe thx:D


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Yes, the name of this subforum can be confusing, but I assure you there is not much dating happening as a direct result of this sub-forum.

As for your question, you might want to include what mode(s) you play.
Classic / Expansion
Ladder / Non-ladder
Softcore / Hardcore

If I had to take a guess I would think you play expansion, ladder, softcore, but what better way to let people know this then by putting it in your profile so it shows to the left side of your posts.


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since i think the (escl) means europe softcore ladder, im gunna offer the big hand of friendship, my 2 accounts are *tankmobile and *andy-blacktooth and i can give ya boosts etc. uber help an wateva's going :D


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i play USeast softcore ladder im on all night sunday and thursday, the rest of the week im on 7am-noon eastern standerd

chrs are
48 sin
50 sin