[escl]hmm wonder


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[escl]hmm wonder

did I just get taken? this is unreal.

I traded a 16/13/6 anni I found for...

3 ll bk
4 ll bk
DS enigma 1303 (something around this)
DS enigma 1313 (something around this)
and a Faith grand matron bow (made in a +2 bow, with +3 skill)

There HAS to be a catch. there is no possible way that the next time im logging on these items will still be here. UN. REAL.

Please let me know if you think these items are duped, and what I should do with them o_O . . . . . . . . . According to my calculations, I traded 1hr for about 11 hrs .



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Re: [escl]hmm wonder

I traded a hr for a socketed 19/15 griffons a while ago. =D

You found someone who either had a lot of wealth and little patience or someone who had no clue what an anni is worth.

If ur still worried about the items vanishing, put them back into the economy by trading them for other items.


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Re: [escl]hmm wonder

I traded a fire gc with +26% gold find for a plain cold gc and a perfect superior 4os monarch with 4 5/5 cold die facets in it. I'm assuming it was duped though. I still have it on a mule and am considering using it on an act 3 merc at some point.