What do you do before you kiss someone?

  • Brush your teeth

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  • Use mouthwash

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  • Eat tons of garlic and onions

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  • Pop in a few mints

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  • I'm lonely

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n . pl. es·car·gots

An edible snail, especially one prepared as an appetizer or entrée


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I actually kind of like them, they taste pretty good, especially in all the butter they put them in.


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i wonder what slugs taste like... if properly prepared. they're shell-less too!
and chocolate-covered ants. and deep fried caterpillars. i've heard all those are good but i've never had a chance to try them.


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I don´t get the point of escargots. They don´t taste anything apart from the stuff you cook them in. It´s like chewing on a slimy piece of garlic flavoured rubber.

Chief JB

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I have never tried them. I'm not sure how I would feel about eating garlic flavored rubber though.