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I've really been wanting to make a nova sorc so I think I'm going to try a combines energy shield/nova sorc. Please critiquemy skill allocation...

Nova 20
Lightning Mastery 20
Telekinesis 20
Energy Shield 20
Warmth 20
Teleport 1
Static 1
Frozen Armor 1

I wasn't sure about warmth being maxed but I couldn't really see another skill that would benefit this build better. Nova is a mana intense spell and if I'm getting hit too much my mana will just get raped so I figured warmth would help in my survival. I will also save maxing Warmth until last. I guess my main question is...will I get into diminishing returns by putting lots of points into warmth (will the benefits just keep getting smaller and smaller with each point invested to the point that its pointless)? Thanks.

edit: I would love for my merc to use Insight but I feel as tho it would be more beneficial for him to carry Infinity to break Light Imunes since that is my ONLY skill.


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Re: es/nova...

Looks quite good. Shiver armor can be better than frozen though, because of the higher defence bonus. I would suggest pre-buffing your energy shield so it's lvl 40. I will last quite long and 95% of the damage will go to mana. It's best to load up on damage reduction (not percentual, but in solid numbers). If you get damage reduced by 30, with a lvl 40 energy shield, the enemy will need to do 600 damage to even hurt you, and with warmth the mana regeneration will be very high anyway. You'll be able nova next to the enemy without being hurt. mana burners are quite much the only threat. If you really need insight you can get an oath runeword and make an iron golem out of an insight. You'll need to be rich though, since the iron golems surviving chances in hell can be a bit slim