ES/Max block Blizz sorc?


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ES/Max block Blizz sorc?

How effective PvP do you think this build will be.. seeing as how its near impossible to fully negate cold damage for most chars.

20 Blizzard
20 Ice blast
20 Glacial spike
20 Telekinesis
5 Energy Shield
Rest To Cold Mastery

+3 Cold 20 faster cast circlet with 2x cold facet
+3 Blizz Ormus with cold facet
+3 cold ammy with 10fcr
Death fathom with cold facet
Jeweler's Monarch of deflecting with 4x cold facet
magefists or trangs
2x sojs
Sandstorm trek
9x cold lifers
10x life charms with psn res or mana
Prebuff: all light gear including charms/+3 gear/memory etc gives +37 to es, treachery fade prebuff

How do you think this sorc would do? Reaching enough life especially with 15 dr from fade a wind druid would potentially be doing around 50 damage to your life making you not go into the fhr animation. If so, if you blizz stack yourself and glacialspike/icebolt him when he tele's on you, do you think I'd be able to out tank him?

I want to make a character that isn't so negatable.. aka the cold sorc, and with ES/maxblock I should have great tanking ability too. How do you think I will do vs. most classes.. seeing as how cold sorcs #1 problem is windies I think with 95% es a cold sorc should be able to outank a windy...