es/fb max block sorc - advice needed


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es/fb max block sorc - advice needed

I'm looking for some advice on the es/fb'er that I'd like to build.

I have a few restrictions on the build (clan rules). The main one is no pre buff, except for weapon switch. I'll be dueling under those rules and in pubs, please bear that in mind when offerring suggestions.

The build as I've planned it so far is:

Helm - 2sorc 20fcr 40life - shael
Armor - Vipermagi - 7fhr/15res jewel
Ammy - Mara 29
Weapon - Hoto 37
Shield - whistans - um
Glove - Frostburn
Boots - Perf Waterwalk
Belt - spider
Rings - 2 x Soj
Charms - 4 fire lifers (35 avg), 5 fire fhr, life/mana sc's
Anni - 18/18
Torch - 20/17

Switch - 6bo cta/ lidless

SKILLS @ lvl 90 after skill quest's:
Fire Bolt - Max
Fire Ball - Max
Meteor - Max
Telekinesis - Max
Fire Mastery - 4 pts (if i like the build and want to lvl further the points will go here)
Energy Shield - 9 pts
Warmth - 1 pt
Teleport - 1 pt
Pre-req's - 6 pts

I only include this because I'm not sure on the ratio of vitality/energy that I should use
Strength : 7 pts (the should get me to 60, and be enough to wear frostburns, my heavist item)
Dexterity : 77 pts (gets me to 170 which should be max block @ clvl 90 with whistan's)
Vitality/Energy : rest in a ratio of 1:3.

End result:

This sorc will meet the 105 fcr bp, 86 fhr bp with max block. She will do approx. 14.5k fireball and have an 80% ES. I can pre-buff with a memory up to 84% for pub duels, but I'm sort of anit-prebuff due to my general laziness:rolleyes:


1. What sort of life should i be aiming at? I figured that since I have only 80% es I would need a fair amount of life 1k+?
I have a skill calculator, but I don't have a character editor, so calculating life/mana is something I can't do yet.

Actually that was my main question. I guess other than that any general comment's/suggestions on the build and how effective it might be would be appreciated. I haven't eeven started leveling her yet so every aspect of the build can be changed.

Lastly, I do realise that in pub's I can be fully negated with stack/sorb, so try not to harp on it.:rolleyes:



Why not SS if you're planning on going max block anyways.
Because it has a very steep str requirement, and then he would need enigma for strength, and losing the bonuses from the vipermagi. At the same time, whistans has a very high block rate, and doesnt take a lot of dex to get max block. So pretty much its an ss in terms of blocking with a lot less str needed.

Obviously the ss has more than just block, but since its an ES build theres no need for the dr that the ss has over whistans because damage to es is calculated before damage reduction. And plus, with 105 fcr, this sorc should be hit with physical hits very very rarely, so no need for all that str investment it takes to wear an ss.


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mumba pretty explained it.

my other option as a 105fcr/142fhr version using spirit (obviously no block here),coh and treks. everything else would be the same.

the boss

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Or you can use a spirit sword for MORE FHR, and drop all 5 FHR gcs for lifers fire gcs...instead of a spirit monarch<---due to high strength

you'll lose 5% fcr due to fact that its a spirit sword instead of a hoto, so you'll have to put 1x 10%fcr ring up to make up for the lost fcr.