ES Build w/Max dmg red.


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ES Build w/Max dmg red.

Does anyone know if there is a guide or anything to build an ES sorc with lot of dmg red/magic dmg reduce so I can pretty much be invulnerable to hammerdins and bone necros? This would be a fun build plus I'd be able to beat those builds more easily :). Thanks.


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There is a guide here...although it's not for PvP, but it explains the basics.

I don't think you can ever be invulnerable or even come close, when you are dealing with Hammerdins/Bone Necros, they do large amounts of magic damage which is very hard to nullify/resist.


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Us Sorcs aren't really known for our vast Life Points, so if +Magic Dam Reduce mod does work against Hammers which I didn't know it will, you will die fast.

As I always have said, against Hammerdins, it's always the first or the second or the fourth time. Never the fifth.

6K Spear spamming Bone Necs (10 GCs / Anni) can be quite easily negated by a good FO / ES Sorc while dealing out huge dam at the same time.

Spears can be negated up to 95%, and if the Sorc has a vast mana pool, then they have the definite edge over Bonenecs.

Good Luck with your ES Sorc. :thumbsup:

- Dennis