es blizz sorc questions


es blizz sorc questions

i got bored atm and want make blizz soso, but there are 2 problems not sure es or vita(but with block tho)

i understand superiority of es over vita so i though about items and build what should i use
i tested dmg on dmg calculator and i decided to use 3es ormus with 15%cold dmg - no facet in it atm (but i will soc it soon)
cuz i found it superior to 3 blizz one , i will get only slightly less dmg overall (about 240 on 90 lvl sorc) but 2 es lvls more -i dont need to put 4 skills into preq to es ofc(i took it into dmg count) -
i have problems with res on hell with that build, i will use craft amu 2sorc 10fcr 49mana 8mana regen 23 psn
2sojs spirit ,df,ormus(still not sure maybe viper ?), nw,arach , frostburns,and hmm boots (dunno but prolly sands atm cuz i need fhr and cant afford 12fhr sks now )- i thought about aldur boots 50 life and 50fire res hmm goodly thats what i need :)
next problem is how put stats
i will have 77%-79es (depends on armor)
imo putting all into energy isnt good idea cuz i take 20%dmg into my life so i need it

i thought about getting 3.4 mana and rest points spend on vita ?(prolly not many cuz 3.4mana is hard to get on blizz soso)

most problems gives me armor (i think dmg is important so this 240 loss could be crucial :( )
ps. es will not have block becasue im to poor to afford items which would make her enough effective


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firstly use that facet cuz unlike other facets i.e the fire and light the cold gets added dirrectly to the attack instead of mastery making the fact more usefull.

Secondly i think 77-79% es is slightly low i would be trying atleast to aim over 85%-90 atleast either with a memory stick or points layout.

Just noticed the no block u will need to get higher ES and some pdr which a stormshield would have atleast provided cuz vs mele no block + lower es will mean u will not last very long.

Also why not go for the fb es sorc allround it prolly is the better build due to high consistant dmg, good es good range etc.