ES and resistances


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ES comes before resist.
I've read post about ES users that say something like "Don't worry about resists, only MDR, PDR".
Is TGods useful for ES user?
What if ES breaks, mana burn, standing in fire while having a bathroom break or depletion by Gloams?
Can't resists (and TGods) save you from Gloams after ES is down?

Thanks.. sorry if this was asked before, can't find the definitive answer, hope you can help!
P.S. This is theoretically with 20 hard point TK.


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Sorry to answer my own post.
I tested this as follow:
Stand in a fire (without going to bathroom..) Don't have merc with insight..
Spam fireballs (105 fcr) and let mana drain until ES expires.
With low resists you'll die pretty quickly. (I took off all my resist gear, saw my life drop and took appropriate action..)
Did the same with resists 75 and MDR 20 (Vipermagi with Mal) and especially with Rising Sun ammy and got healed by fire.
Resists can still save you when ES goes down, (not if but when!).
Some vita with CTA, resists and absorb will do...