Error starting game


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Error starting game

OK not sure if this is the place to ask but there was nothing against it in the rules.

Every time I open Diablo II LoD things go in this order:
- (the usual) Blizzard, then Blizzard north things come up
- Lord of destruction intro screen
- But then as it tries to open the main menu, the game closes and I am displayed the error message:

Assertion Failure
Location: D2BNCliet\BNetGW.cpp, line #94
Expression: (count 1.705133E+231NTRIES_PER_GATEWAY)==0

Anyone else got this? Can anyone help me fix it?

I havent been on the game in a month or two, and have restored my computer from virus damage.


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You wrote that you restored your computer from virus damage. Does that include that you reinstalled the game, too ? If not, uninstall and reinstall it. After uninstalling, check if the files in the Diablo folder are gone. If not, delete them (except the save directory, of course). Don't simply install over an existing installation.

I assume that you haven't installed any third party program. In case you are using a few replacement DLLs (e.g. to fix the aura bug or run the game in different language), update to 1.10 before exchanging the original DLLs.


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It looks like one of the registry entries for the gateways is corrupt. Have you installed a mod or something?

After trying krischan's solution, if you still receive the error, try to reset the bnet gateway configuration.

If that doesn't work, you may need to reset it manually, by creating a new .reg file with the proper information, and executing it. I'm abit hesitant to post what you'll need in the registry file, as I'm not sure if it'll go against some forum rules. If you need it, I can probably PM you.


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Thanks for your replies.

I have uninstalled and then re-installed, D2 worked but the expansion didnt.

Im gonna give "resetting BNET" a try right now...brb :lol:


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Great advice, your suggestion worked a treat! Now I shall begin my reign of terror as a born-again noob.

Thanks again! :clap: