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So guys,

do you share all your equipment between characters? Do you just switch stuff like Enigma? Or do you keep all characters to their finds?


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I have some useful stuff for other chars but I mostly play with just one. Probably I will share runes & gems & maybe other possible gear (like early +poison resists vs Andariel or resistance charms).


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I keep every char with his equipment when I finish the game. If I want to change gear for MF, I use some chars as mules with complete questing sets. More so, except Enigma, CTA and HotO each char has his own MF equipment (charms, rings & amulets...).


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Great topic. Basically though, it depends:

If the gear is cheap, then different characters will get their own version. Eg I have 7 characters using the passion runeword. They all have their own stuff. However something like Enigma I'll only make one of that. While I will temporary give it to characters for questing in tricky bits (maggot lair/arcane sanctuary etc), but most of the time for questing/leveling they will have their own kit.

In the past I saw many characters where there would be a pat/mat thread. 2 weeks later, another thread, mostly the same key gear (in the days before respecs). i find that a bit boring myself.


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I have no self-made gear restrictions with my current chars at the moment. So basically everything is shared, but many items have been worn only on one particular char for example. I try to spice things up during the questing and with the final equipment. It gets boring if every melee runs around with Grief etc. Also I try to build my playthrough chars around some interesting items and/or builds.

Still, often I use the very best charms and items I have. I've spent enormous amount of time farming for stuff, so I also want to enjoy the best of them :)

When it comes to power leveling, MFing or participating in an MF or rune finding tournament, I go fur full efficiency. Those chars recycle a lot of same items.

It's fun to sometimes play untwinked and I can definitely see myself attending some tournaments, only if I had less current projects of my own.

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I will be sharing equipment between characters for sure. It brings value to all the items you find that are not useful for the character you are playing. Since items like Enigma are really hard to make, I imagine most players would be moving it around as needed (if they are lucky enough to have one). Timinator made a good point about cheap gear and I agree with that. I'm pretty new with only one character at the moment, but there will be more to come.


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I don't have enough stuff to get all my characters their own gear. So I definitely share between characters.


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For the longest time I didn't share much, but with Go Mule and the search function, I've changed my ways. Now I get the gear I want and fill in the holes with bits and pieces from the stashes I have.

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I share gear in the sense that I will farm stuff with certain efficient chars to twink other chars. I won't strip a char to build another though. I recently found an ohm letting my build CtA, but I don't want to switch that to and fro either. My sorc has been doing fine without it so why become dependent on it now? I'm planning on using it on a necro, but he will use a rogue merc and no summons and thus require the hp more.