Equipment for Fire Claw Bear


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Equipment for Fire Claw Bear

The guides here are fairly vague. The two questions I have with gear are gloves and a belt.

Since this is pvm, I am debating whether to use dracs grasp, or mage fist. Dracs would give me a nice str boost, and of course life tap (I assume it can be triggered by fc). Mage fist provides a nice +1 to fire skills.

I am also debating between tgods, and the spider belt. Tgods provides nice light sorb along with str/vit. The spider belt gives me plus one to skills.

I use a storm shield with my 6 shaeled pb.

primarily for pvm for now, which would you guys prefer?


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Verdungo for the potion holder's place.

For PvM purpose, I used to wear Souldrainers for the ctc slvl3 Weaken (my Merc didn't use Reaper's) or crafted Blood Gloves for CB and Fire res the Storm was lacking. Never really needed the 30 FHR from Bloodfist. The 10 IAS is just useless.
Magefists were used when I was teleporting with Dual Spirits in human form to reach the Throne room.