equipment for a bowazon


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equipment for a bowazon

i've just started an amazon and wanted to know what items would be best for her if i was using the faith/fort combo
i have the following already:

Helm: Dream (not too sure i want this though)
Armor: Fortitude
Weapon1: Faith
Weapon2: None
Boots: Gore Riders
Gloves: None (i need help with this., i have no idea what to choose)
Ring1: Raven Frost
Ring2: Bul Kathos
Ammulet: Highlords Wrath

so i really need help with gloves and a little help on helm.
oh and my faith is a gmb aswell

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Dream is a nice choice for your helm, although my old zon used a delirium. Strafezon, and since delirium has those nice %to cast curses, it always worked. Very nice +skillage too.

For gloves, your best bet is either a nice dracs, or a crafted hit power gloves thats +2 bow skills (Leeches) or +str +resists. Knockback is ALWAYS nice for a bowzon. Keep those guys off your valk!

Oh btw, can i trade you stuff on non ladder for a dream helm on ladder? I'm pretty sure it's not that costworthy to make, and since i have 1 char in ladder i really need one :/. CRAP just saw the Jah in there. Whatever, i need one. Heh



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thanks for that. i've been stuck on gloves for days now.
here's the skill tree i was looking at:

Multi arrow: 10
Guided arrow: 20
Dodge/Evaid/Avoid: 12
Critical strike/peanetrate/ peirce: 1
Strafe: 20 (all time favorite)

is this any good?


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You don't need 10 in multi if you're going strafe. That's a waste of 9 skill points IMO.

Put at least one in FA and more in pierce and CS, and fewer in D/A/E as well.

Good luck!


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if its not too much trouble could you spread it out like i did in what you think would be suitable for a bowazon with the items listed above?


BTW: i dont plan on getting to lvl 99... i usually stop at lvl 80-85


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Would someone mind explaining to me why dream is good on bowazons? The extra lightning damage seems minimal considering that the helm gives no ias.