Equipment advise.


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Equipment advise.

Hi all,

so far I have been mainly posting in the Newcomer Forum but I thought it was time to move on and display my ignorance in the forum aimed at my fav char class.

I have the following question:
I asked about skill progress for this character in the Newcomer Forum earlier, but have come to a point where I would like some more input from the experts.
I am developing a pure support sploder necro and was wondering what way to go with mostly the gear and somewhat for skills.
skills distribution so far:
20 amp
1 every prerequisite for LR and LR itself (total of 6)
20 CE
1 point in every other Bone Skill (total of 6)
couple points in Gumby and GM. 1 in other golems for CG synergies
(3 spare skill points on the side)

General playstyle:
AMP (or Life tap/decrep/lower resist when the situation asks for it.) until one of the party members makes a kill, then spray-paint the screen with red goo...

Gear so far:
Helm: Blackhorn's Face.
Ammy: +1 necro skiller ammy.
Body: TO scales.
Glove: TO gloves.
Boot: Forgot which boots (prolly a pair with some MF) - Infernostrides on the side.
Belt: Some rare belt (also forgot the exact stats).
Weapon: Maelstrom (+3 on CE/Amp/IM - +1 Terror).
Shield: Homunculus - TO Wing on the side.
Ring1: Manald Heal.
Ring2: Dwarf Star.

Insight on my merc.

And now I was wondering...
Should I go for a full TO's set? I mean, the homunculus has better stats than the TO wing, but the full set would make up for that. On the other hand there might be items that when combined with the homunculus would make me a far better support char than the full TO set, but that I do not know.

So I was hoping some of you experts with a far broader understanding of the possible items and workable combinations could give me some pointers.
Also, what direction would be wise to follow skill-wise?
I was thinking about maybe putting 1 point in Dim Vision and then pump Gumby and that would more or less finish the build... I guess...
I dont have to be Hell-capable on my own. I just aim to be that kind of character everybody wants in their party :girly:

Thanx in advance!

Lord Nyax

Ah, the problem here is the nerf stick bruises on CE. It used to scale with the players in the game, so it'd always do 60-100% of a corpses life, including the scaled up life from more players. Now it doesn't, which means that in an 8 player game, you're doing 60-100% of the life of a monster which has 450%. Now since most Hell monsters have 50% Physical Res, that's in essense 30-50% damage. With amp, 90-150% damage. So, at the very LEAST (and I mean VERY least) you'd have to explode 3 corpses to kill another monster of the same type. A much better chance would be 120% of the life, meaning you'd do 450/120 CE's, or ~4. So chances are, with maxed CE and everything Amp'd, you'd only get a couple kills anyways...don't we all wish that CE still worked...

On that note, if you can get it, get a +3 PnB Amulet or a +2 All. Since you're a support character...I guess what you mainly want a major +skills? What you suggest would work pretty well with full TO, and you'd look like a cool vampire guy while doing it. Since you already have the whole set, I'd suggest going with that.

Mad Mantis

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Lord Nyax said:
Now since most Hell monsters have 50% Physical Res, that's in essense 30-50% damage.
This was dropped a long time ago. Global physical resist is gone.


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i dont understand why you maxxed amp? all extra skills there do is more duration and radius (which is more then uenough with + to skills)

if you want my advice id say rebuild, and go more summon/CE based... very effective build


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Like I said, I'm going for a pure support build. I just want a CG for tanking purposes, I don't want to use any other summons.
Therefore I love the extra radius on AMP. 1 cast amps the entire screen and I can focus on details of party support.

I dont know how this works in hell diff, but so far I increased the killing speed of my party immensely.