Equip in the Pit


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Equip in the Pit

Just thinking on what sort of weapons and armour i should be using for a baba, im gonna be playing single player so i think i can do all the cube recipes etc in the game. So far ive highlighted a few things i wanna try, if you have any suggestions (on any good equip for the pits, rings helms etc) feel free to post :winner:
btw im hoping on using a polearm or maul.

anyway im thinking:

weapon- Crescent Moon or Passion runewords aiming for a Tomb Reaver.

Armour- either a elite upgraded corpsemourn (to begin with) aiming for either stone runeword sacred armour or if my resistances are looking low gloom. (though i think stone would be better as a +60% faster hit recovery should be helpful cos im gonna have no shield.
More mf might help, cresent moon is great for using sword/shield with conc, not sure about poles....Rest of the gear for mfer should be like shako, nagelsor leech+mf rings, war travs, chance guard, any belt you want I don't really like goldwrap you could use if you wanted, mfscs and that should do the trick, hope I could help.


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At lvl 77 using the Ik set Im curious about trying the Hell pit out a bit . Of course Iv'e maxxed WW , Bo , Mace Mastery , 75 all resists and with about 130 % mf Im wondering if I'll be ok that low a lvl ? Anyone tried a Ik barb in the pit yet ? Im sure someone has Im just too lazy to search the forum ...


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a ik barb should do fine mine runs threw it like nothing and its lvl 71 with just enigma and botd gpa and rest is mf gear.so a full ik barb would slap the **** out of them all.