Equip for a lvl 13 Charger? (sick pike)


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That's pretty nice but I think the stats on that are pretty hard to deal with. Perhaps you should get up to lvl 16 and throw on a Twitch and Deaths sash/gloves and angelics rings/ammy. Helm and boots can be Sigons or something.


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Nah, go for level 13. It's do-able. Get some practice in charging in and inmediately charging away, since some people might be using a shield, thus blocking your charge.
Angelic amu, rings and mebbe armor. Will give you AR, life, fire res, mana and +1 skills.
Other then that, sigons gloves with the helm (it's worth the 3 extra points in str for the AR) will give you another 10 str, some AR and some well-deserved mana which is usefull for re-charges.
Sigons gloves require 60 str, so to 'put it on' you need to have crushflange in your inv.
In case you die, before you go pick up your corpse, put on the crushflange. When you pick up your corpse, you should instantly be wearing all your equip and the pike should pop into your inv. You need to have space for your pike in your inv. Allways make sure you have that.
Belt and boots, you might want to go for Hsarus. For even more AR, a bit of defence, fire resist and some cold resist.
Why all this AR ? Cause your charger will be a one-hit-wonder. You do not want your one hit to miss(although with this setup you will have quite a bit of mana and life to try again and again). And this will also allow you to take on higher levels. Which, the further they are from your level, even if they have the same defence, will be harder to hit. Just like when you first arrive in Hell with a level 50-ish character, monsters in the blood more are almost impossible to hit, while they have no problems hitting you. Once you are of level, it's the other way around.
Why not deaths for a belt ? Cause if you get cold slowed, it will only desync them, you still charge at the same speed, with the added advantage that your target has less chance to see where you actually are.
You may want to consider one point in resist fire, resist lightning and resist cold. This more for your own protection.
The above should be easy to obtain and quite cheap. I think you can buy most of the above for 100k-300k a piece from high level gambling addicts. :)

To wear the above you will probably need 53 str and 35 dex, so 28 points in str and 15 points in dex. In light of this, you will want to at least get your charger to the end of normal and maybe even to the end of Hell(8 more skillpoints and 10 more statpoints).

If you die and it looks like the attacker will try to nk you, just rejoin the game.


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if you use sigon's gloves you can remain level 12

my pike is similar, but instead of life/mana leech it adds some pityful lightning damage

still, a maul charger is MUCH better
pikes are slow (even with 10 ias) and have low minimum damage

recently I have found a maul with around 99max damage, which requires only around 80 strenght (-req mod)
now that's a find :O


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So when can we expect to see a new charger of yours running around Fledgeling ? :)
Or is it on your new realm ?


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Pretty nice pike there. Not to hijack the thread or anything, but you would do more damage with a shopped great maul(act 4, halbu normal, look for 40-50% ED great mauls, 50%ED +10 max would be perfect) plus the damage will be more stable and youll be able to own at level 12 instead of 13.

Trust me, i know from experience. Because of pikes' big damage range you will get frustrated when the occasional low hit comes in but with a great maul you will always do big smashed, True, the strength req is big but if you do the stat point quest in act 3(cant remember, maybe you had to do it in nightmare too), youll get there while still being able to wear sigons helm instead of one with amethysts


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I just found this rare pike:


I'm wondering what other items I should wear with it?
keep your char 13... if you manage to find a lower level req pike... id say 12 would be best. use full angelics - the weapon. deaths glove and belt for IAS and cant be frozen. and rest sigons(boots,helm). it would be wise to use Sig shield (gg block) and deaths sword also (against other chargers and people you cant kill with charge) and get zeal... deaths sword gets sexy mods with rest of deaths and it has cold dmg too... trust me.. youll rape gg.