Enter the Septuple Sept


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Hey NF, for your last Druid (or maybe fire-elementalist) how about a shockwave armageddon bear. It seems more your speed than a hunter druid. Synergized armageddon rocks vs non-immunes, and since it is synergized by the same set you have volcano for FI.

I promise it will kill much faster than a hunter druid anyway.



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CrazyBear, yeah, some of the builds are still up in the air. :) I will take a look at the shockwave armateddy if and when I need to play my 7th druid ;)

Quickdeath said:
How long do your IGs live before you need to create another by using another weapon?
First question was already answered, this one I can't answer yet since my first golem is still alive. He lasted from mid act 2 into mid act 3 so far. I don't see him dying any time soon. Hasn't even lost enough life to show it on his health bar yet. Kills pretty much everything in one hit on players 8, too. :D


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Minor Update. Included current levels & fun ratings of my chars as well as a complete list of builds I have planned at this time. I ran out of names halfway through this so I tributed a lot of chars to people that influenced me in one way or another during my stay at the SPF. I'm still tossing ideas around for 2 chars, the final necro and the wolf barb. The ribcracker zon is back and so is the fendzon. For now. :)

Name       Class  Build     Done?   Lvl      Rating 
Celes       Ama   Hybrid      Y     85         7
Velvet      Ama   Poi/LF      Y     83         7
Grace       Ama   Light       N     1         
Aditu       Ama   Ice         N     1         
Blaze       Ama   Fire        N     1         
Persistance Ama   Fend        N     1         
Karoshi     Ama   Ribcr.      N     1         

Daevana     Asn   2h TS/Trap  Y     81         10
Tifa        Asn   WW/Trap     Y     83         10
Annah       Asn   DC/Venom    N     1         
Celerity    Asn   Kicks       N     1         
Lasaraleen  Asn   PS          N     1         
Blossom     Asn   Traps       N     1         
Araya       Asn   BF          N     1         

Ulath       Bar   2h Zerk     Y     81         8
Minsc       Bar   Frenzy      Y     84         9
Eternal     Bar   IK WW       N     1         
Vega        Bar   Throw       N     1         
Butz        Bar   Conc        N     1         
Shifter     Bar   Wolf?       N     1         
Agroth      Bar   Secret      N     1         

Nightwolf   Dru   2h Fury     Y     81         8
Barak       Dru   Maul        N     43         
Tempest     Dru   Wind        N     1         
Ignus       Dru   Elem        N     1         
Miasma      Dru   Rabies      N     1         
Seethe      Dru   FireClaws   N     1         
Regret      Dru   Hunter      N     1         

Thanatos    Nec   Fishy       Y     90         8
Dalariath   Nec   Golem       Y     83         8
RTB         Nec   Sum/poi     N     1         
Yemeth      Nec   Bone        N     1         
Xardas      Nec   IM          N     1         
Shaitan     Nec   LoM         N     1         
Closure     Nec   LastChar    N     1         

Knightfish  Pal   2h Zeal     N     82         7
Gengis      Pal   2h Veng.    N     34         
Nonpareil   Pal   BH/Zeal     N     29         
Serdash     Pal   Hammer      N     1         
Wrath       Pal   Smite       N     1         
Dakkon      Pal   Tesla       N     1         
Remorse     Pal   Martyr      N     1         

Dunamis     Sor   Meteorb     N     91         8
Dawn        Sor   CL/FO       N     **         8
Patience    Sor   Melee       N     80         10
IceQueen    Sor   Blizz       N     6         
Sidhe       Sor   CB/FO       N     1         
Terra       Sor   Nova/FO     N     17         
Icefyre     Sor   Hyd/FO      N     1


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Nicely done, Nightfish! That makes it so much easier to update things, and for us to follow the progress of all the chars. :) And you're sooo gonna win the race... ;)
So, your 2 least favourite ones so far are the 2 zons? seeing a pattern here..
Anyway, keep at it, you should be finsihed by xmas at the rate your turning them out. :thumbsup:


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Hehe, thanks siddy. We'll see about that race, your chars only need to restart in town after they die while mine have a longer way to walk... ;)

farting bob said:
So, your 2 least favourite ones so far are the 2 zons? seeing a pattern here..
Well, back in the beta my strafezon was a solid 10/10. Which is why I can't look at her now and not have the feeling she's broken. Okay, I don't have a WF in HC but she's still just a shadow of herself. The other one was just a plain old javazon... *yawn* And she lacked something that made her special. The "NF twist" some of my other chars have.