Enigma vs CoH


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Hmmm.. you guys made me think of keeping my vipermagi... ;)
My current equip at lvl90 is : 5/-5fire ocu, 5/-5cold shako, maras, um'd storm, upgraded um'd perf vipermagi, arachnid, buls + soj, magefist and perf waterwalk.
Inventoy contains 3x fire skillers, 1x cold skiller, annih, and lots of life charms.
Right now I am planning on getting more fireskillers and maybe trading my shako for a 5/-5 fire one. Any other suggestions ?

P.S.1. The sorc is purely PvM and occasionaly with equip switch for mf runs.
P.S.2. Thank you sasja for the WONDERFUL guide.