Enigma Teleport Bug


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I've noticed as I've been running pits every now and then the hotkey for teleport gets unbinded and in the skill choice menu teleport is also gone and I have to re equip enigma for it to come back.

Does anyone know of this bug or is it just me?

It's merely annoying but it'd be nice if I could get it to stop happening.


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It happens whenever you pick up an item that grants Teleport (be it + skill or charges), for me at least. I've experienced it since I came back to the game a couple of years ago but don't recall that bug from my earlier playing days, so I'm not sure exactly what the cause is. Same for coloration of same-type items. Eg if when I pick up LoH while having other Bramble Mitts equipped, those will have the LoH graphics while I'm holding LoH. Initially I blamed GoMule (since I noticed both these things when I started using it) but I'm not sure to be honest...


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I'll second ffs, but I think the unbinding occurs only when you hover over an item with teleport and I'm not sure about charges, but staves with TP will do this 100%.


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Charges are fine if I remember correctly. The same thing happens with BO, and I assume any such skill.


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Ooh. Glad it's not just me!

I realised why this was happening to me so much in one particular session: I was clearing Normal Cows looking for a +3 Energy Shield Gnarled Staff .. all those staffs with +Teleport. I couldn't figure it out! So thanks for enlightening me. :D
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Hmm this only happened to my chars when they used i.e. Najs Staff for the Teleport Charges. It happened when I exited a game with the staff in my hands (not on switch). Never ever happened to me with Enigma, though..