enigma on pvp.


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enigma on pvp.

which enigma is best for a barbarian that will take on all characters? this is not necessary BvB.
I like BP, but I think Archon is the best. :p The more defence you can get with less strength = best option, so if you can use Archon with base, then go Archon.


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Raith said:
oh yeah? archon have very low str and very good def?
Archon is 108 strength, and up to 524 base defense. A 15% sup, +775 defense archon nigma ends up with 1378 defense.

Most common enigmas that people want, from what I've seen, are :

Light plate
Mage plate
Dusk shroud
Archon plate

So, comparing each, str requirements vs max defense available (with a straight +775 defense on enigma)

Bp - 30 strength, 854 defense total
Light plate - 41 strength, 899 defense
Mage plate - 55 strength, 1076 defense
Dusk shroud - 77 strength, 1313 defense
Archon plate - 108 strength, 1378 defense.

Me? I'd say.. go base strength, and pick whichever one you can meet with the rest of your gear. For some reason, archon plate enigmas are worth a lot - I'd prefer a dusk, myself, simply because those 30 stat points are a LOT of life, and only 65 defense - or even a mage plate, though if I were going to go hybrid vs caster/melee, then dusk might be worth the investment.


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Yes 15%, but the downfall of superior armor is the repair cost.
I have a 15% scarab husk enigma and it costs 40k to repair EACH POINT OF DURABILITY