Enigma, infinity, and now what?


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Hi guys,

I have now successfully managed to create an enigma and borrow an Infinity and was wondering what you guys would consider the next most utilitarian investment in the HRs that (hopefully) will turn up in the future.

I'd like to create the runewords first that have the widest use across multiple characters, and was thus wondering what you would create after these two runewords and why?

I have been thinking about a beast, but what would you suggest?

Slightly OT: has the droprate increased dramatically over the last 2-3 years (where I did not play) since I have picked up a total of 7 HRs (5 sur/ 2 Ohm) in less than 3000 LK runs??


Edit: I should mention that I'm strictly interested in PvM
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Shinra Beelzebub

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First make your own infinity to give back the borrowed one :p

Personally, I would really want bramble for a necromancer, as well as Faith.

Dual Dream would probably the most awesome for enchantress and paladin. Beast, as you have said already, isn't a bad choice as well. ...to have something that's useful for many different classes, Beast might be the best choice after all.

Well I never tried any of that and I doubt I will start to farm HRs one day, so I might be the wrong person to ask.


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I would say Fortitude amor. It can be used on your merc as well as on any melee char. It only cost one Lo so it's really cheap as well. Call to Arms is a close second, but it has many variables and does little for a Barb.


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Call to Arms, because you'll probably want one on anything that isn't Barb... plus it's very roll dependent, so you may even want to roll more than one if you get poor rolls. After that I'd roll a Grief PB; the ultimate melee weapon.


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Okay, sorry guys, I have no idea why it eluded my mind at the time of posting this - probably because those two runewords have been on my mind for a long time.

I also have; CTA, HOTO, Grief and Fortitude

Sorry once again.


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Chains of Honor could be something u want or a Beast? I mean theres a lot of runewords that u can do. Is this a way of saying 'I've ran out of things i wana do"?


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I'm pretty much in the EXACT same situation as you. Except I'm skipping out on Enigma for now. :D After infinity, my choices for Hrs RW were: faith (rogue merc), beast or CoH.


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Coh would be my advice. Just made one for my sorc but there are other characters that can make use of it.


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Your rune finds are not uncommon, Lk is a good source in 1.13+.

As for versatile runewords, treachery is good and cheap. Death and beast are fairly dynamic as well.

I would make some dreams, those are fun to mess with.


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Faith - top tier bow for bowazon, either for bowa herself or combination of windforce bowa + roque faith

Dreams - for interesting builds, though best used by sorc due to lightning mastery

CoH - best armor for Travincal sorc, otherwise it is incredible merc armor

Beast - fancy option and not exactly superb, but only way to get those bear builds going. Also mostly used by summoners.

Phoenix shield - not really used outside cows, but is otherwise great switch shield to redeem corpses to heal or to use it at primary for same purpose, especially for fire characters

BotD - runeword for penis size +1 pretty much

After all that, how about perfecting gear with:

- roll a better Griefs
- make another Enigma in base which is better for some characters, like one is in Breast Plate to save stats, other is in elite armor to boost defense for characters who don't care about stats
- make eth bugged Fortitude armor for merc
- make eth bugged CoH armor for merc
- roll a better Faith
- make Infinity for yourself
- make Infinity in normal base so you can wear it on sorc to save stats
- make Beast Iron Golem and save Ber runes for more of those (lol)

Also, you can always go with some fancy options like Doom. Or you can make Last Wish and be one of the rare guys who dared to waste so many runes on it.

Never enough of r00nz. Agreed.
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Easy. Just get a Zod and make an eBotD War Pike. :p

But seriously, Death is a fun weapon runeword.


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No one here for these runewords?

Ice (ice zons are major fun)
Hand of Justice (slack it on a zon or a pala or whatever for that matter (enchantress??)
Bramble (ofcourse)
BoTD (let there be no doubt its a killer)

More class specific
Chaos (ww sin)
Exile (pala)


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I always wanted to make a Doom, but I've never read much about one used in a build. It's quite an investment of Runes, but if I ever find another Cham I will be seriously tempted to make one. What would be a good melee build to utilize the -enemy cold resistance? One of the drawbacks of Doom is that it has no life leech, but that's not hard to get elsewhere.

I also like Ice as well.