Enigma for my hammerdin?

Enigma for my hammerdin?

I'm wondering if I should keep the Enigma I traded for or trade it for something else. I got it for Arach and Ist, so I would assume I got a good deal and it was made in archon plate. Right now I use:

Spirit sword/shield
2x 10 fcr rings with mods
+2 rare pally skill amy/crafted 10% fcr amy (to hit 125% fcr when I am able to use arach)
15% string (arach when I hit 80)
Treahaunch(sp?) boots
Vipermagi for 125% fcr without arach (enigma)
Trangs gloves

Anything I should switch around?


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Good deal depends on what realm you play.
I wouldn't use any other armor than enigma on my hammerdin, unless I had to switch.
Exploring areas takes more time if you can't tele, and repairing telecharges is expensive.

Instead of spirit sword, I'd use hoto instead.
If you can't afford, then that's different.

The boots are tearhaunch btw.
I have 2 hoto so eventually one will make it over to him on the next transfer. Plus with hoto I can keep the +2 skill amulet :) I would get a CTA but I can just log my barb for a lv 38 BO if I really need it and it lasts a long time ;)