Enhanced Defense Question


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Enhanced Defense Question

It seems obvious that if you put an Enhanced Defence Jewel in Armor, it will change the defence rating of the item. What happens if you stick it in a weapon? Does it bump up the total number?


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I believe it acts like Enhanced Defense from skills. So if you have <insert defense-boosting skill here> that grants you 100% defense and a jewel in your weapon that grants 20% defense, your base defense will be boosted by 120%.

I could be wrong, though. I'd wait for somebody to confirm/disprove this first.


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There are no enhanced defense jewels, only straight +defense. Items with straight defense (including charms) are just classed as another item source for defense to be added to armor defense + glove defense + helm defense + etc. This is then increased by skill defense %.

Still it is possible to get off-armor ED% (eg The Mahim-Oak Curio) and it would indeed calculated as Nimbostratus indicated above.


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In this case, enhanced defense = %def, i.e. a bonus measured as a percentage of the base defense of an item, and +def is just what it says, a number as a bonus to the total defense rating, to be added after %ed is applied.