Energy shield, mdr, pdr, %pdr, +absorb?


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What order is the damage calculated when I use energy shield? I know resistance is calculated after energy shield and I guess phys% also cuz thats like a resistance as well, but what about magic dmg reduction, phys dmg reduction, +absorb and %absorb?

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Application order:
  1. Bone/Cyclone Armor
  2. Energy Shield
  3. (Magic) Damage Reduced
  4. Resistance
  5. Percentage Absorb
  6. Integer Absorb
  7. Excess (Magic) Damage Reduced
What's excess? For example, if you have DR 50, MDR 50 and no resistance or absorb, and an attack inflicts 100 physical damage and 25 magic damage, then the excess MDR 25 (25 - 50) is subtracted from the 50 physical damage remaining after DR 50 and resistance, resulting in just 25 life lost.
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