energy shield help


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energy shield help

i want to make a es/200 fc fb sorc but i dont get how to get 90+%es. can someone tell me how to prebuff so much. because you need a lvl 40 es to obtain 95% and thats sort of impossible with out putting hard points into it. Also is an es sorc useful with out bmanas? i can afford them but i dont like unperms.


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+9 from Memory Staff
+3 Ormus Armor
+3 Helm
+3 Ammulet
+2 Rings
+1 Belt
+1 B Command
+3 Torch
+1 Anni

That's +26 without spending 1pt into ES and w/o using +light charms. You will have to spend pts to get at least 5 into ES if you have 9 light gcs for prebuff.

Bmana's are a crutch. You'll be fine with much cheaper alternatives such as life/mana gcs, plain life or mana scs, and life/plain skillers as long as you know how to duel and you have good ping.