Enchantress viable for pvp...


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Enchantress viable for pvp...

Hello, In the last couple days i have been thiking about making a enchantress for pvp purposes...

I have been running the numbers and it seems like the combination of a maxed synergized enchant and a maxed fire mastery provides alot of damage. I have been trying to contemplate how it would work though.

20 Enchant
20 Warmth
20 Fire Mastery

After the fire tree I am not sure I have come across two options
20 telekenisis
Rest into ES

1 into telekenisis
and rest into Lightning Mastery

I am not sure of the effectiveness of ES in pvp so I am not to sure whether i shoudl use it or not. And if i go with the ES option I dont know if i should get max block or not. Option 2 i would switch out my shako for a dream helm and with the high Lightning mastery and the Holy Shock aura i would get a large boost in raw damage. However, enchant already gives out a fair amount of damage and I am not sure if i would need the holy shock bonus.

Angelic Ammy
Passion in a flail variant for attack speed and range
Chains of Honor
Dragon or Stormshield or maybe a fire facet shield
Sandstorm Trek
Angelic Ring

Plus either mostly fire gcs with resists or ar. Or less fire gcs with mayn mroe resists ar sc's.

I was thinking about using passion in some sort flail variant since they have a fast attack speed with a sorc and have range 3 while still allowing me to wield a shield. The bonus from a high level enchant, a zeal, and the ar bonus from would give me at least 10K ar. I may jsut use two Angelic rings unless i need the CBF from raven. With two angelic rings at lvl 85 i would have at least 2K AR which with the Bonus from Zeal, Enchant, and Passion would give me around 13K ar. I am not sure whether I want the stormshield for defense, the dragon for the bonus from holy fire, or a monarch with 4 facets. The two main problems are breaking resists and hitting opponents. An infinity merc is an option, but mercs on melee chars get owned so fast in pvp unlike caster mercs who are always being teleported away. The Ar is not a huge problem like breakign resists since i can reach fairly good ar unless I am dueling a high defnese paladin or barb. But then again i can jsut see how fun it owuld be to equip some fcr rings and telezeal a sorc...lol. But basically i need some insight on how to make this build viable in a pvp situation since it sounds like so much fun.