Enchantress PvP


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Enchantress PvP

The time has come to make a guide about a pvp enchantress....I would like to assist in this guide if all possible because. I am calling all the great enchantress out there to help me pm or leave a msg here. tommarow we write!


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Where Are You Guys...Dont Make Me Do This Bye Myself
Mongo...Evil...Wy...YOu Guys Have To Have SOme PvP Exp

Mr Evil

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Luckily, I just had some pvp experience with my enchantress. I don't normally go in for pvp but I thought I thought I'd give it a go.

A few things I learnt: Barbs, melee druids and some zealots (those that don't smite or have holy freeze, which spells instant death) are quite easy to kill as they have a hard time getting through the energy shield (even managed to absorb a few consecutive hits from a werewolf with a BotD Thunder Maul). Just stand next to them and keep swinging.

Most sorcs aren't too hard as they generally die in one or two hits as long as they don't hit enough to drain your mana and thus prevent teleporting.

Strafezons are hard because of block-lock. If I didn't mange to teleport behind them before the first arrow hit I had little chance.

Bonemancers are impossible. Even if I managed to teleport right behind them I would die before I could get a single swing in. Maybe using a bow on switch would help.

I didn't come across anyone who could take more than 2-4 hits, even though I only do 3.8-5.1k damage.

Also worth noting is that I got hit a lot less than my defense would suggest. Tested it against the aforementioned druid, who I think said he had 20k ar or something like that, and attacked extremely fast. Vs my 6k defense and 75% block it took a long time before a hit got through. Don't know why.

Don't know if that really helps; As I said I have little pvp experience.

I'm sure that an enchantress designed specifically for pvp could totally dominate over most melee characters.


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Well Im Sure They Can Do At Least As Good As Some Of The Other Builds Out There....Ever Tried A Widow Maker Bow? That Should Take Care Of THose Pesky Zons And Necros


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I am too lazy to write stuff ever since my guide got lost...
You can go ahead and write something..i'll point out stuff or make suggestions..

btw, Evil, your damage is way low.. what's up with that..

Mr Evil

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wy4251 said:
btw, Evil, your damage is way low.. what's up with that..
Well I don't know what is considered good damage for an enchantress, but I don't think I could raise it much without making big sacrifices in equipment or doing a lot of swapping stuff out of my stash for prebuffing (I couldn't be bothered with that much hassle). I have 832-1462 damage before enchanting, then after enchanting I have 3806-5146. This is with max warmth/enchant/fm and +7 skills fof prebuffing, +4 skills normally.

Best I could do would be an extra +2 to the relevant fire skills from finding the perfect staff to put 'memory' into, but then I would sacrifice +1 to my chilling armor and energy shield.


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Some input...

Just thought I'd add the obligatory "My melee sorc Ownz your melee sorc comment" hehe

Anyways... when fighting pvp with an enchantress I've found there are some people that you will just not be able to kill.
These are the people who have a guardian angel on and max fire resist
or 75% fire resist + fire absorb.

The fact of the matter is that unless you are going for a godly Beast, Cta, Coh Wearbear Sorc build, your physical dmg will be **** and you will do most of your damage via fire.

Trying to kill these folks is pretty much a lost cuase, my advice is to shrug and fight someone who doesn't employ these tactics. Moving on though....

As far as increasing your damage goes... The best thing for a pvp enchantress is the same as the best thing for a pvp fire sorc. You want Fire Grand charms. Idealy 10 of these with +20 or so life on each one.

Another less conventional idea is to use a wand with level 2 lower resist charges on weapon switch. I sometimes use this on unsuspecting barbs with Max resists and 4k of life, lol some barbs call me a cheater when I do this becuase I own them so badly after they are lower resisted.

Without going into too many specifics on charracter builds for dueling I would like to point out the most important factors for a melee sorc in my mind.

High Damage (via enchant +fire mastery + synergies + fire GCs)
High Defense (via max Shiver Armor + high def armor)
Max Block (70-75% here is a must)
High Life(via high Vitility + Vita Small Charms + Call To Arms)
*Fast Attack (Using a Passion phase blade with zeal and lotsa IAS)
Max Resists - are good to have but if you are fighting melee Barbs, Palys, Druids and Ranged/Melee Zons, they are not a big deal and high defense/life/dmg is more important.

*Apparently Nobody knows the breakpoints with zeal for a sorc (or they are just not speaking up on the forum here) but I can tell you that they do exist and that you want enough IAS to hit atleast the first one of them. You will probably want to experiment with what works. Someone on here posted saying that it will only speed up the attack by 1 frame but I can testify in my experience that this is not correct. Although I don't know the exact numbers I do notice a big difference when I take one of my 20% IAS items off.

You might want to keep a 4 perf Topaz Socket Monarch shield + Tgods + Lightsaber around to deal with those pesky FOH palys that annoy the crap out of me.
[/Rant Seriously, palys seem to be a bit unbalanced to me at times....
They now have a very high dmg lightning attack that is auto aimed, always hits and an aura that nutrualizes your resistances. (they were ok to duel before 1.10 but now their attack is synergiezed for even more dmg ontop of the lowering of your resists) Hammer palys are the PVM equivalent of unbalanced.... but I won't get into that. Obviously I prefere a challenge which is why I made this melee sorc /Rant]

My Sorc is....
~6500 Zeal Dmg
~7600 Defense
69% Block
~1100 Life


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And What Do You Guys Think About Using The Ik Gloves Boots And Belt To Beef Up Your Str To Wear Storm? It Also Adds 20ias And Has Some Nice Res.
Not To Mention Then You Can Socket Your Storm With Something Nice =) Like My New 5/5 Fire Facet =P? And Im Also Eager To Hear If You Guys Think We SHould Use A Widow Maker Or A Demon Machine. Let Me Know Asap


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The one thing I see quite often by Enchantress's is too much reliance on fire damage. Assume you're going up against someone with maxed resists and plan your gear accordingly.

Mr. Evil has a pretty sweet weapon in his Azurewrath, which may be part of the reason why he's killing so well with what has been suggested as "low" damage. I've seen others eyeing items like Nord's for physical + cold and other such weapons that give elemental damage (perhaps a Famine War Spike? It's rather expensive, needing Jah and Ohm)

If you're looking at pvp'ing with an Enchantress, non-fire damage will be your friend and it will likely be elemental damage. Since I'm already using a Lightsabre on my Enchantress and like the Lightning & Magic damage, I'm leaning towards the Azurewrath for the magic damage which really has no resist.


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to play an enchantress is not item-dependent..
but to make a strong pvp one you certainly need better items - and prebuffing is necessary.

my sorc has around 1000 base life. 1300 base mana (without shapeshift or BO) currently at lvl **.
maxed enchant, warmth, fire mastery, telekenesis, and trying to max energy shield

After shpaeshift
attacks at 5 fpa with 16k~19k damage in werebear form
8k AR
6k Def
2k life
75% block

tough melee opponents I've dueled are "DOOM" weapon pally, High defense ww barb with stacked poison, some Fire claw druid

other tough ones.. some hammerdin, some foher, some sorc.

bonemancer are okay to deal with because energy shield absorbs


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Whats Your Gear Wye I Just Suited Up My Old Melee Sorc Im Going To Rebuild Her And Id Like To Compare My Gear With Yours


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:idea: Use a bow! Surely the best pvp enchanters use Widowmaker?

Sorcs will never be as good in melee as the melee chars as they have:
Inferior hit recovery
Inferior attack speed
Inferior blocking
Inferior life (even with manna shield)

Widowmaker gives guided arrow. Together with teleport and a merc she does very well in pvp.

I was thinking of writing a guide as everyone here seems to be melee, so please criticize me now if you feel I am wrong. :rant:


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Hey fable its PoA-Laichzeit, a friend of Lithorai. didnt know you were on the forums. anyways beast would be a good option...you saw lithorai's bear...

Snarlin Stef

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Interesting debate going about energy shield... the author of the guide says ES+ tK is a waste... then there is a good counter afterwards.

CONCERNING ENERGY SHIELD + TELEKENSIS BUILDS... a good post is found here... here you see some1 put no points into vitality and max ES+ TK and crank the crap outa energy instead of vit:

Snarlin Stef

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I also want to make a point that ENCHANT is a great "prebuff spell"

if you use items like Metal grid or Beast etc etc... and summon iron golems and grizzly bears.. you can enchant them... so they do TONS of dmg...

and option for a pvp enchantress could be to have a zoo of various summons all enchanted and then when you teleport around they tank for you and pour out some nasty dmg.

dunno its an idea right ? :)

Snarlin Stef

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Mr Evil said:
Hmmm. How many minions could a sorc have at once?
can a sorc enchant RAVENS? hahaha that would be godly as hell! If thats possible then that would be HELLA POWERFULL! but i bet they cant :(

one can dream right ;)


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A sorc cannot enchant ravens

A sorc cannot enchant ravens :) ohwell...

BTW The equiptment my zeal melee sorc uses...

201% ED Passion Phase Blade.
Viel Of Steel - sockted with 15% resist, 15% IAS jewel.
Gladiator Bane - sockted with 15% resist jewel.
Dracul's Grasp gloves.
Gore Rider boots
Storm Shield - sockted with PDiamond
4% Bul Kutho wedding band ring
Perfect Raven Frost.
Highlords amulet.
Call To Arms.

4 Burning Grand Charms of Life (+1 fire skills +20 life)
6 Small charms of Storms (1-23 lightning dmg)

For PvP I drop a wand of lower resist into my weapon switch which takes away 37% resistances and seems to atleast double my dmg. A few, very owned level 80 something barbs have refered to this as cheating :)