Enchanted Baal runs!


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Enchanted Baal runs!

Hello all, i have been doing a series of baal runs for USEast/ladder (norm).
The games are named "Baal runzz a(whatever number i'm on)". If anyone from these forums would care to stop by, i look forward to playing with ya!

The account i am currently using is blastermaster2.
My current sorceress is WoE-Enchantress (lvl 77, 20/20/12 enchant).
With +skill items and lvl 20 FO, my parties make short work of Baal and his pesky minnions.

Your friend


P.S. Forgot to list times!
As i live in the detroit area, all times are EST.
M-W i can currently play anytime(mostly 8pm-8am).
T-S i have to work, and can usually be found online after midnight.

If you want to be sure to catch me for some easy low-leveling(25th-60+), just reply on this thread and we'll set up a time.

If i can get 5 or more ppl, i'll rush 1st level char through normal, and then host the baal runs. If we have 5 or more, i'll make the games private and we can divide up the loot fairly.


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No, i just play a series of runs....

baal runzz a1
baal runzz a2
baal runzz a3


Because of the detestable use of ad-bots, i usually place level restrictions on the games to keep ppl below 25th level out. I was just blocking 1st levels, but realised that 24th levels werejust not getting a fair (worthwhile) ammount of experience.