Embarking on my career - hello


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Embarking on my career - hello

Hi all,

Just reinstalled after several (4+!) years - original CDs had died so bought a new copy this afternoon.

About to dive in with a Meteorb whilst following jiansonz's early MF guide.

So...here we go with my initial question.

I've read that /players5 is the highest number needed to max out the additional loot chance.
I've also read that /players7 get me as many XPs as /players8.

Please advise...is this true, or should I just go with /players8?



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Re: Embarking on my career - hello

Welcome to the SPF! I'll leave the shin kicking to someone else....

The difference between /players 7 and /players 8 is pretty insignificant difficulty wise...So I'd just do /players 8.

As for the drop question, I don't remember. I always thought it was 3, not 5, but I'm probably wrong.


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Re: Embarking on my career - hello

/players7 (abbreviated to p7) or 8 has a higher drop chance than /p5 or 6, but the difference is negligible

players8 will give you a bit more xp, and the monsters a bit more life

the number of players in the game for life/xp purposes at /playersX is (X +1)/2

so p7 has 4 players, where as p8 has 4.5 players

Just go with players8, and if you're finding it impossible, switch down until you find something you are happy with

Also, welcome to the forums and the SPF

*kicks shins*
*runs away*


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Re: Embarking on my career - hello

Hey, welcome to the forums!

If you're looking to MF some, you should probably check Hrus' MF guide as well. Check point 5, "Number of Players" at the bottom of the first post of that thread. Also, this page from the wiki about /players settings. The wiki link is probably slightly easier to read (less maths!).

The posts above this summarise the situation well though.