Eleventh Commandment

Eleventh Commandment

If God(or some crazy nutjob with a crazy idea to make laws) had decided to give us eleven instead of ten commandments, what would the eleventh be?


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Who reads these?

nrabbit said:
legallize weed :uhhuh: (btw i live in holland so it doesn't apply for me)
I thought you guys put some conservative guy in office and he was trying to get rid of it? Am I anywhere close?


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11. Thou shalt not own or enslave any other person.

PS: All seriousness aside, I just have to add this one:

12. Those who have heard and do not heed my commandments shall suffer untimely deaths and be reincarnated as maggots.




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Thou shall not give ridiculously boring lectures in all college classes, especially those at 8:00 AM


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In the beginning, there was nothing. And then, there was Calvin.

"Thou shalt blamest Durf for all time."

Sorry, couldn't resist.