Elemental summon Idea: Is this viable in hell?


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Elemental summon Idea: Is this viable in hell?

Okay, so here is the skill setup

20 Skele Mastery
20 Skele Mages
20 Fire Golem
20 Golem Mastery
5-10 Summon res
rest in Lower res

I just started Ladder again so I don't have any gear whatsoever, so I'm not worried about that, but will this be viable?


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not going to be very specific, but

a lord of mages build can do somewhat well, but untwinked its going to be very slow and very hard

lower res is rarely RARELY worth maxing

and fire golem's damage is pitiful, both his actual damage, explosion damage, and pulse damage.

even if you were going to do a lord of mages build clay might be better, or at most one point in fire

also, i wouldn't recommend 20 in golem mastery since your golem is recastable anyway


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Other than maxing mages and skel mastery, I think the rest of your points are wasted. Summon Resist, the various golem skills, and curses are not worth investing more than one point. With all the plus skill items you are likely to have, these skills will be fine with a lone point.