Elemental help


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Elemental help

Im in progress of making my first Druid ever, but since I like making my own builds, and not follow a guide, I started a Elemental with no idea of what skills are good. Now being lvl50+ I realized it was a stupid thing not to do some research before I tryed this..

This is how my skills are allocated (I know its messed up) :
15 Fissure (+1 in rest of fire skills)
15 Oak sage
10 Cyclone Armor
10 Hurricane
8 Tornado
-rest pre reqs

I was thinking of doing one of the following (with about 40 points left till lvl90) :

max Hurricane
max Tornado
max Cyclone
-rest in twister

max Fissure
max Firestorm or Volcano
max Hurricane
-rest in Cyclone

Id like to know if he's viable in Hell if I spent the rest of my points wisely (remember it doesnt have to be a cookie cutter), or do I have to start him over again..
-also I will be able to get him decent equip, but not top of the line (yet)

-Any help appreciated


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He'll probably do fine in Hell if you know what you're doing. Druids pwn everything :)

Splitting your skills up like that might weaken you a bit, but it could still work. To make it an effective Hybrid, I'd say go for plan number 2. Getting "throwable" Fire skills like Fissure and Volcano, and then a skill like Hurricane to back you up, you should do pretty well.

Alternately, if you focus on Tornado instead of Hurricane and get a Holy Freeze merc, you'll still have the chill effect, and can use Fissure/Volcano to get the packs down and Tornado to spam through the center. A good mix of damage sources, and a mix of time delay and spammable spells.

I'm not 100% sure how well the damage will do with only one or two synergies up, but with a good Merc you'll probably be fine.

Good luck!


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Ok, thanks for the input, now it seems like theres hope afterall for this druid :D


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I haven't personally played with an Elemental Hybrid, so those are just my speculations. But I'm sure with a little skill you can do just fine.


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Ahh if it comes down to my skills, I should have no problems :D -no really I havent played a Druid before, but I guess these skills will be learned sooner or later, and so far im having a blast (kinda bored with barbs atm), and thats what its all about..whether he will make it through hell or not only time will show..

Also could you give me some gear suggestions (going for build no.2), I was thinking as many skills as possible/FCR/Life :

Shako (currently* Jalals)
Maras (*Highlords)
Enigma (*Viper)
HoTo (*Earthshaker)
Arachnid (*Tals)
2x soj/Bul k (*fcr/res)
Storm (*Whistans)
Aldurs boots
Trang glove

Charms : 10 elemental skillers -rest life

I was wondering if I should go for Earth shifter, but I think it might requires too much strength for the loss of vitality, and I should aim for weapon/shield for the max block right?


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Cujo said:
This is how my skills are allocated (I know its messed up) :
15 Fissure (+1 in rest of fire skills)

i think fissures a pointless skill but besides that looks pretty good
id make shure i hadda good merc tho
put points into wind
thats my opinion


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Fissure is as good as Volcano in many situations. It's very under-rated.

As long as you get 68% FCR you should do fine in that area. And yes, weapon/shield is usually easier to play with.
'I like making my own druids and not following guides to tell me what build, skills, and how to play it okay?'

Read my guide and the primal flame one for some general info.


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ƒenris said:
'I like making my own druids and not following guides to tell me what build, skills, and how to play it okay?'

Read my guide and the primal flame one for some general info.
Yes, as I said I like make my own builds, but I also said that im new to druids, and this one was going way out of hands, thats why I wanted some suggestions how to make him viable..

I read your guide, and as you can see the equipment I mentioned was from your guide, but since I invested points into both Wind and Fire I wanted to know if that setup was still useful.. (not that I have that equip, nor am I gonna use it, but it would give me an idea of what similar equip I could use)


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Fenris that was borderline mean...

Just because he doesn't want to 'cookie-cutter' one of his first Druids doesn't mean he should be flung nose first into extensive guides detailing every aspect of the strongest Druids makeable. What if he just wants to enjoy playing, and wants some general advice on how to enjoy it more?


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ƒenris said:
Nothing wrong with reading into things, so he doesn't come back with how does xxx work.
I do search things before I ask questions, and the time I spend helping people on these forums surpass the time I spend asking questions. Besides that sometimes I think its better to hear peoples experiences with different skills and builds, rather than just blindly follow a guide..and if you dont feel like helping me thats ok, but dont make me sound like a noob who doesnt wanna research things, and get it all served on a silver-platter..


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Fenris, seriously havent you got anything better to do then to correct people (I'd like to see your questions when you first started a Druid), and what I ment was that I didnt do the research before I started this build, and as I wrote I am now 50+, and in that time I did my research, but couldnt find anything about a Wind/Fire druid, so I thought there were some nice people here to help me out, but I see now only Proudfoot is the one with a social skill..


What I don't get is that people can do research in game, without reading any guides. When you start a character class you haven't played before, pop open the skill tree. Take a look at the different skills, and see what appeals to you. Then, read what the synergies are for whatever skill(s) you want are, and plan out a little course of action. You'll probably make a few deviations from your original planned out path as you go along and get experience playing the build, so make the little changes as you see fit. It really only takes a minute to do this.

That's why I decided to make a Wind Druid in the first place, not because I read a guide, but because I looked at the skill tree and saw that all the skills and synergies were conveniently on one path of one of the trees. The only "wasted" (read: pre-req that doesn't get used except when just starting out) was a single point into Artic Blast. That, and wind skills interested me because they were something different than fire/lightning/cold, even though technically they're really more of physical spells than an actually new wind class of damage, except for Hurricane, but that's ok with me, too.


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Okay since no one is helping you much cept proud foot on this i'll give it a shot.

I dont know how far you got into this but if i were you i would dump the max hurricane idea and go for maxing geddon. Become a geddon torndo'er. The damage on hurricne isnt very good in pvm compared to that of geddon. I would contiue to max tornado, geddon, and then prob. either c/a or geddon synergies.

as for gear a lot of that gear mentioned (from fenris's guide) wouldnt be the best option if you go geddon. I am gonna list high priced items but thats only b/c the gear you mentioned earlier was high priced .. if you need lower priced ask and i'll reply again.

ravenlore helm

maras ammy absolutely blows IMO, i never wore one and never will. Look for a decent +2 skill w/ good prisamice and life / mana and fcr on it or +3 ele with those mods. (any rare ... not highlords that better for melee)

wiz spike is cheap mans weapon .. HotO is more expensive

enigma (make sure this makes you look kool .. koolness factors do count :teeth: )(magi)


2 x bul rings ... sojs not needed(2 x fcr w/ good mods)

mage fist

60+ water walks

ss or gerkes is optimum or rhyme or whistans

errrr just noticed your suggestion so i will go cheaper gear next to gear above.

the build looks like it will be good but your gonna have to concentrate more on tornado and geddon if you want it to work well ... you'll lose some damage off of tornado by doing this BUT you might actually make up for it w/ geddon damage.

okay i just did calc.s


if you max tornado and geddon and manage +8 skills
torando dam. = 1320-1407
tornado dam. for cookie cutter = 2924-3116

geddon damage = 888-1035
cane damage for cookie cutter = 2554-2974

you are basically losing out on damage ... Your build has potential but there was one key error you made when you developed this guy. This is a key fact for everyone ... when making multi elemental druids ... you can only afford 1 into oak .. putting 15 into it hurt you badly.

optimum duel elemental
10 in twister/cane
1 into oak sage .. and preq. for grizzly.


compared to cookie cutter wind:
cane: 929-1044
geddon: 1591-1921 fire damage

cutter tornado: 1747-1888
tornado: 1034-1118

close to same damage if not even but wind will have more life. I think you had the right idea you just put into a sage .. i gave all the info i know to try and salvage that guy ... but if you want to re-make i gave that info. thee too.

And fenris please dont post in threads that your not going to help someone out in it just leads to a flame war.