Element absorb Pally?


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Element absorb Pally?

I was sitting around staring at random junk ive picked up over the past 3 chars ive finished, I started thinking about fire absorb for a bit and out of curiousity I wondered how much dmg you get negate for fire/lightning.

Do you think a elemental absorb pally would be hell viable? I figured out a gear set, skills, and whatnot. I was shocked at the numbers I came up with. But then again things on paper may not always work out, generally its a mistake ive made or some mysterious action in the game that I cant put into a formula.

Ok for core build

20 Salvation
20 Defiance
1+ Smite
1 Charge
1 Holy Bolt
1 Blessed Hammer
20 Holy Shield

I will come back to that in a minute... Now for gear

One-Hand Damage: (87-103) To (117-135) (102-119 Avg)
Required Level: 58
Required Strength: 25
Required Dexterity: 136
Base Weapon Speed: [-30]
+150-200% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Adds 10-30 Damage
Adds 60-120 Magic Damage
Adds 1-200 Lightning Damage
5-7% Mana Stolen Per Hit (varies)
5% Chance To Cast Level 14-20 Chain Lightning On Attack (varies)
20% Increased Attack Speed
Ignore Target's Defense
Lightning Absorb 25%
+7 To Light Radius
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

Defense: 523-582 (varies)(Base Defense: 169-193)
Required Level: 80
Required Strength: 142
Durability: 65
Chance To Block: 52%
Smite Damage: 46 To 46
(Paladin Only)
+170-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
Adds 211-371 Fire Damage
+15% To Fire Skill Damage
+10 To Hydra*
+5% To Maximum Fire Resist
+15-25 To Strength (varies)
Fire Absorb 10-20% (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

Blackhorn's Face
Defense: 243-278 (varies)(Base Defense: 54-86)
Required Level: 41
Required Strength: 55
Durability: 20
+180-220% Enhanced Defense (varies)
Slows Target By 20%
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 25
Prevent Monster Heal
+20 Lightning Absorb
Lightning Resist +15%
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Guardian Angel
Defense: 770-825 (varies)(Base Defense: 252-274)
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 118
Durability: 60
+180-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+20% Increased Chance Of Blocking
+30% Faster Block Rate
+ (2.5 Per Character Level) 2-247 To Attack Rating Against Demons (Based On Character Level)
+1 To Paladin Skill Levels
+4 To Light Radius
15% To Maximum Poison Resist
15% To Maximum Cold Resist
15% To Maximum Lightning Resist
15% To Maximum Fire Resist
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Defense: 135-162 (varies)(Base Defense: 43-53)
Required Level: 47
Required Strength: 110
Durability: 39
+150-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
4% Chance To Cast Level 12 Firestorm On Striking
2% Chance To Cast Level 4 Meteor On Striking
+15 Fire Absorb
Adds 15-72 Fire Damage
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Boots are open, nothing directly related to my goal was needed.

Thunder Gods Vigor
Defense: 137-159 (varies)(Base Defense: 41-52)
Required Level: 47
Required Strength: 110
Durability: 24
16 Boxes
+160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
5% Chance To Cast Level 7 Fist Of The Heavens When Struck
+20 Lightning Absorb
10% To Maximum Lightning Resist
+20 To Strength
+20 To Vitality
+3 To Lightning Fury (Amazon Only)
+3 To Lightning Strike (Amazon Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Dwarf Star
Required Level: 45
Fire Absorb 15%
Heal Stamina Plus 15%
+40 Maximum Stamina
+40 Life
100% Extra Gold From Monsters
Magic Damage Reduced By 12-15 (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Raven Frost
Required Level: 45
+150-250 To Attack Rating (varies)
Adds 15-45 Cold Damage, 4 sec. Duration (Normal)
Cannot Be Frozen
+15-20 To Dexterity (varies)
+40 To Mana
Cold Absorb 20%
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

The Rising Sun
Required Level: 65
+2 To Fire Skills
2% Chance To Cast Level 13-19 Meteor When Struck (varies)
+ (0.75 Per Character Level) 0-74 Fire Absorb (Based On Character Level)
Adds 24-48 Fire Damage
Replenish Life +10
+4 To Light Radius
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

Enough charms to max resists, (95FR, 95LR, 90CR, 90PR)

ok now that that is out of the way. time to get down to the theory part.

According to The Arreat Summit:

The complete list of all damage modifications are calculated in this order:

Energy Shield
Bone Armor and Cyclone Armor
DR and MDR (damage reduction and magic damage reduction)
% Absorb
Direct Absorb

With high resistances, high % absorb and direct absorb, it is possible to heal from specific elements.
So say this pally gets hit for 1000 fire dmg @ lvl 85 with max resists through charms and/or salvation:

95% FR takes that dmg down to 50

Assuming a perfect shield (I know its gonna be rare) you have 35% fire absorb

of that 50dmg you will only take 65% of it, assuming you dont die from the 32.5 dmg received, you then get healed for 35% for the 50 damage so of that 32.5 you healed 17.5 back. Leaving you are 15dmg.

@ clvl 85 the above gear gives you +78 Fire Absorb (note the lack of a % sign) subtract that from the 15dmg and you get -63 dmg... yes negative. It heals you for 63 damage.

For a bit more fun lets try 5200 fire dmg.

.05 (res) * 5200 = 260

260 * .65 (FA reduction) = 169

169 - (260 * .35) (FA heal) = 78

78 - 78 (+FA) = 0.

At no point will this instantly refil a health bulb, the best you can ask for is as much direct +FA - 1. That is to say a spell does 1 damage after resists and %FA (which is capped at 40%) you would get your +FA -1 in life back. The point is even in hell you would be unphased by most elemental dmg. Not that this is all that useful, it ends up with a high block%, and near immunity to fire/light and pretty solid cold reduction/cannot be frozen.

@ 85 You would have 96 skill points assuming you have finished the game and received all 12 skill points from quests.

My above skillset has only 64, I figured I would put the rest into smite(20) and vengence(11) and 2 for its pre reqs. That puts this at complete around lvl 85.

What I was wondering is if this could be hell viable (anything CAN be played in hell... im not looking for a punchadin type deal though)
And please correct me on anything I screwed up... I dont play many paladins, and I hate hammerdins but I need to get a pat for paladins since I have 4 sorcs.

alterations can be made I am sure, also I can socket items via socket quests that I have building up on various chars I get bored with, so I can socket the helm, sword, shield, and armor to augment anything else I may need, as well as upgrade the uniques to elites if they arent already.

I dont think I am forgetting anything


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nice ideas, but IMO you don't need this much resists in general for pvp or pvm. 1 pt salvation, wisps, t-gods, raven's and rising sun are generally good enough for both situations (in addition to a lot of small all-resist charms)


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nice ideas, but IMO you don't need this much resists in general for pvp or pvm. 1 pt salvation, wisps, t-gods, raven's and rising sun are generally good enough for both situations (in addition to a lot of small all-resist charms)
The point is to be nearly untouchable, a mage killer kinda deal. was aiming to stand in durance 3 on hell and let meteors and firewalls fly while I answer the door



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this build will acheive that, i had a smiter/charger with these:
Guardian angel
wiz spike
dwarf star
venom grip
inferno stride
anyway, i managed to scrap up some resist charms and a torch for him, and incredibly with just these he was able to destroy elemental attackers. Trap sins were prolly the easiest since charge asolutely destrys them