Electric Blue's 1.10 Hybrid Wolf Guide


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Every weapon has a base speed (one can check for base speeds in items sections of diablo2 sites). With suffixes or shael rune or IAS jewels, one can increase this to needed levels.

There is a concept called WIAS (Weapon Increased Attack Speed), to determine weapon speeds. It is basically taking the negative of the weapon base speed (listed in arreat summit), and adding the IAS on the weapon. The WIAS information along with the weapon type is used to determine the attack speeds.

For example feral axe has -15 base speed, having 1 shael (%20 IAS) annd 1 IAS jewel (%15 IAS) makes it

WIAS=-(-15) +20+15


Something I just noticed while reading your guide, this is completely wrong. WIAS does not increase your base increased attack speed. It's not all that important to wolves with maxed SIAS, but it will be when you shift to bear form and it might give people the wrong idea when they try other builds etc.


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The WIAS term in my guide refers to something different than it is used elsewhere. But it doesn't make it wrong. The resulting attack speeds are correct if you properly use it with the table in my guide. A note has been included the term WIAS is used in a different meaning than elsewhere.
The reason for that:
There was an independant attack speed study 2 3 years ago for shifted druids, before I come to see the first attack speed tables done by TheDragoon and other guys. And some easy to read tables were established. In that study, the total 'speed' of the weapon was referred to as WIAS. Preserving the study's original form is some form of showing respect to that.
But I think, to prevent further confusion, I will rename WIAS term used in my guide with the update.
Again, scientifically speaking, nothing is wrong with its current state and it yields correct results.


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electricblue said:
small update: added a cool fury weapon to the high end fury weapons page

7/4 1h 314 avg dmg
Uh, nice.. How did it become etheral? Did you find a Crystal Sword or Dimensional Blade and then upgrade it?


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How to deal with Iron Maiden

I have a level 93 Fury Druid. I've been planning to make some variant that can stand up to Doom Knights (and others) who cast Iron Maiden. I was thinking I needed some sort of elemental skill or ranged attack when I'm faced with monsters who cast Iron Maiden, since if I just keep on with Melee attacks, I end up killing myself.

How to other people deal with Iron Maiden? Is there some trick I'm missing?




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mmm nope. on that part, i use a little tactic. i either attack and annihilate the doom mage first (they most always will not cast Iron Maiden if they're attacked, unless there's another mage around) or draw the fighters our of screen range from the mage.


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you should have a secondary attack such as rabies or fire claws along with fury.
thats the point of 1.1 wolves.
total of 3 possibilities, fury/rabies, fury/fire claws, fire claws/rabies
you can find furtheer information in my guide.

in your condition, i think rabies will be the best choice (20 skill points needed).
rabies kills them.

if you have no spare points, then run close to and away from (or vice versa) them to make them cast something else.


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I have read your guide and really appreciate the confirmation that poison would be a good remedy for Doom Knights. I've already started a new ladder character and will build as a hybrid Fury/Poison using your guide.

I play a lot, so it will not take me long. I'll post another reply when I've met a field of Doom Knights in the Diablo or Baal minions and have some results and maybe more questions.