Ele druid - this will go good - aight?


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Ele druid - this will go good - aight?

Hiho, as the ladder resets I got 4 very nice elemental skillers.. 23, 25, 28, 41 lifers. And I will get full Hammerdin eq tomorrow so I got Enigma/Shako/CtA covered and stuff. I got some other things for my druid (35 FCR spirit).. so here comes thy gear:

Hoto (40 FCR)
Arach (20 FCR)
Trang Gloves (20 FCR)
Perfect FCR spirit monarch (35 FCR)
2x SoJ/BK or something.

This gives the 99% FCR Breakpoint. But should I skip the spirit Monarch, put stormshield on and use 2x FCR rings for max block?

Please help me! Thanks.


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Re: Ele druid - this will go good - aight?

here's a thread i started about windy gear based on weapon selection and the resulting discussion. there are many other threads that deal with this topic too in both pvp and druid.