ele druid questions


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ele druid questions

ok my first question is what is fcr bp on ele druids

second if any one has any ideas on gettin more fcr wit out sacurficing my 5nado will be great

note i am rich give any sudjestions

my gear

1. red 5nado antlers
2. perf mp nigma
3. perf spirit mon
4. sucide branch
5.119ed spider
6. wizzardspike gloves
7. 2x 10fcr str life res rings
8. imp shanks
9. 2druid 10fcr str all res ammy can be emproved

weapon switch

1. 6bo call to arms
2. perf spirit mon


1. perf dtorch
2. perf anni
3.8x20life scs
4. 9. 45life ele gcs

if any one has any pointers on how to get more fcr please let me no

a special thanks to

your host
spawn19 / spawn20 / spawn21
uswest non ladder
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Re: ele druid questions

Breakpoints are 99 and 163.

You have 155. Get a crafted amu with 18+ and you reach the 163 one.


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Re: ele druid questions

thanks for allthe help guys but i ahve solved my problem i bought wizzy gloves 2 over shoot my fcr bp

if you all play on non ladder uswest hit me up if u need anything:wave::wave::wave::wave:


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Re: ele druid questions

Wizzy gloves? That is not a legit item and should not be talked about.