Ele Dru...Fire Or Wind?


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Ele Dru...Fire Or Wind?

Ok after my WW is done, i wanna make a ele dru, ( im not close to being done with WW, just wanna plan ahead :fortuneteller: ) so just wondering....wich is better?


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My personnal choice would be wind druids for the more aggressive play factored in over fire ele druid.


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In my SP PvM experiences, windies are easier to create, being able to kill just fine, with self-found gear. Fire druids need to be twinked somewhat, but your main problems will be immuinities, for both builds. If you have a backup attack, which can deal with immunities, or a merc that can, both builds are effective.

And besides armageddon and hurricane looks badass...


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Fire druids don't have immunity problems unless you focus exclusively on fissure. Three out of 5 of the "fire" spells due plenty of physical damage. I'm coming from an untwinked perspective for the most part. If you want some sort of hyrbrid (not a bad idea), the bear and even poison creeper will round you out even more.

That said, wind druids kick just as much ***.


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I'd try making one, if you don't like it, the gear is pretty much the same for the other =]. I made a windy and trying to get the hang of playing him decently. They're different from other casters cause you have to be close when attacking, hmm... You got me curious about making a fire druid now lol.



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personally, i think fire druids are a blast. each skill from the tree really is a highly specialized attack for a paticular situation. they really do have quite a diverse line of skills as well. windies are great and also uniquely original. fire druids really have a bad rap. i would put it this way, you could go the road more traveled or you could go the one less traveled...


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Fire or Windy? that is the question...

For pvp windys are most often seen as the winners adn that's with all right as they can't be absorbed and deal respectable dmg, tele is a must though. Fire can be deadly if you manage to get some namelock Volcanoes under their feet (can instakill weaker chars) most fire druids end up townhugging Fissure abusers though...

For pvm it's a bit more about preference, I've seen windies lead baal games at times and fire druid's are a blast.

think Jek concluded it all nicely a few posts ago. :smiley: