EHCL Channel.


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Hotty McHot Hot

This seems cool... all of the people in GAT East dont talk, I swear...

I think anyone who has played with me can attest that I am 100% about teamplay and being the nicest, non-grabby player I can be.

So add *Kitriara if you'd like... CAUSE IF YOU DONT!...



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I would like to be considered for this, basically for the sole reason of having folks to hang out with on bnet. My post count is low, but if you take into regard the things I've said on here it may make up for the numbers.



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I also am not well known by any means. I read a lot of the forums i just dont post. I would however, like to be able to play with trustworthy people. Most of my friends quit a while ago so im kindof a loner.



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I mostly hang out in the general strat forum with the good morning crew...

Not many people I know lvl in hell mode so it would be nice to run with some good honest people who just want to have fun.

Please add:





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I'm not too terribly well known, but I've been around these forums for awhile, reading and occasionally putting in a word or two. I just want to be able to play the game with a bunch of cool people. =) Hopefully see you all in the channel.

*vtc-sober and *panders are my accounts.


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Ok guys I am taking lock down off of channel for now because I see no one goign there. The channel is op D2X so please stop by to play or better yet if you are going afk go in op d2x.


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acb123 said:
Unlike many other channels you must be a known or pretty well known member of forums to get into or I must know you personally to let you in. .
I guess I'm "known" if I have more posts than you.
Some people know me, others do not.
Either way my account name is;

If you don't add me then oh well.


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I stopped in a while last night, just me and the bot. Then abc was there the next time i stopped in, but he was afk apparently. if people just popped in in between runs/etc, i'm sure it would take off, but the lobby system isn't helping...


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One question

is this like GAT where if you don't give ALL your accounts and you come in with one un-registred they IP ban you? Cos I got some many darned acct's I literally cannot remember them all , all the time.

*tebxpac( main acct)
*teb-noobpack ( main mule acct)
*da-bird( main acct)
Stinger probably has a longer list than this ! lol


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Lets see if anyone comes today... I'll be there after work for a while, probably 6-8:30ish. If anyone wants to join my fledging elemental bowazon for act 2 normal feel free =)


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Channel isnt to hot right now. Hoping some people who go afk could go afk in Op D2X. Would help alot. Also Im thinking of organizing some hell baal runs sometime this weekend. SHould give the channel a little boost.


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So far I've been to your chatroom several times and it's just you, or someone with a similar name. Besides the bot.

I'll keep stopping in, you know, to do my part.:howdy:


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So its Op D2X huh

Well my accounts are wonka-hc and nakedmolerat-hc

I'm an old fart been playing forever, and am honest and sincere and will only PK (PKK) if provoked.

I may stop in. My highest 1.10 Hc character is a level 60 necro. had many 09 HC characters but I killed em off when I semi retired may back.

Hope to see some of you on line. Just msg me or say Hi E, I'm from the forums. Ususally on LATE after a long day of doing audits and taxes.


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i r teh vouching for eblocher.. he's a great guy who i've played with for a looooong time in an ooooold group known as hcpurity(legit untwinking(ya, right lol ;)) co-op group or w/e we were)..

hi adam btw, how you been? been a while methinks..